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Great to see Irish band The Murder Capital will play The Marlay Park show in Dublin on 22nd June and the rest of the European tour.
I've only seen them in smaller venues or at small/medium-sized festivals but really good each time.
Big step-up but great opportunity.
  • JUN 22, 2024 Marlay Park Dublin, Ireland
  • JUN 25, 2024 Co-op Live Manchester, UK
  • JUN 29, 2024 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium London, UK
  • JUL 2, 2024 Waldbühne Berlin, Germany
  • JUL 3, 2024 Waldbühne Berlin, Germany
  • JUL 6, 2024 Palau Sant Jordi Barcelona, Spain
  • JUL 8, 2024 Palau Sant Jordi Barcelona, Spain




2010: Dublin
2024: Dublin

2017: Cork (EV)
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    TheGManTheGMan Cork Posts: 62
    Dublin goers, I would recommend getting in early to catch The Murder Capital.

    2010: Dublin
    2024: Dublin

    2017: Cork (EV)
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    TheGManTheGMan Cork Posts: 62
    What did Pearl Jam fans new to The Murder Capital think?

    2010: Dublin
    2024: Dublin

    2017: Cork (EV)
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    ChazzChazz Somerset, UK Posts: 1,134
    Not to my taste I’m afraid
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    pdalowskypdalowsky Doncaster,UK Posts: 15,017
    Gonna be honest OP, i was very opened minded to seeing these guys In Manchester.....

    I really didnt enjoy them at all, everything just sounded a total mess. 
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    bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 15,727
    A lot of these bands just sound the same and what came before. Deep Sea Diver too.  

    I didn't mind TMC though.  
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    lastexitlondonlastexitlondon Posts: 12,995
    I found it to be a noise. And the bass player made  me want to get him in a headloock. Looked a lot like a coked up ego fest
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    this song is meant to be called i got shit,itshould be called i got shit tickets-hartford 06 -
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    TO42596TO42596 The Netherlands Posts: 143
    Was certainly not new to TMC, had seen them before a couple of times in smaller venues. I can definitely understand them sounding as noise if you are not familiar with their albums. I am and I really like them. Was a great treat seeing them 3x in Manchester and Barcelona. Anybody by any chance know the setlist for the Barcelona shows? B.t.w. if you like Fontaines D.C. then you should really give TMC albums a couple of spins!
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    Spiritual_ChaosSpiritual_Chaos Posts: 29,792
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    With those stupid sunglasses night #1 - cringey
    Without the stupid sunglasses night #2 - a bit less cringey

    But sounds mostly like a pastiche of other (earlier) acts. The best part is the noise their instruments make. The least the singer trying with that laughable attitude coming off as a brat-teenager mixed with "store brand" Liam Gallagher. Liam can also wear sunglasses indoors better. And Jack Nicholson obviously is the champ. And Jack has that great smile. No smiles when you're a teen with an attitude.
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