Ten Club Members not getting guaranteed tickets

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Did I miss something... I thought that because we are Ten Club members we get guaranteed tickets to a Pearl Jam concert. I thought I would be able to request tickets (not get to choose seats) but a least not have to stress about entering some sort of lottery system. All I see is fan to fan register via Ticketmaster and maybe getting access to tickets but no guarantee. Did I miss something?
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    BSullyBSully Indiana Posts: 1,095
    You've missed quite a bit over the last 2 weeks.
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    BluJemBluJem Melbourne Posts: 9
    I'm stoked AS coz I got my tickets. Nov 16 cldnt cum quick enough!!! Eddie Jerome Vedder is my all time fav singer & he's sucha good 1, so talented & unique, hanging out 2 c him! 🥰 💖
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    mickeyratmickeyrat up my ass, like Chadwick was up his Posts: 36,673
    there has never been  a garuantee to my knowledge since my time here..... thats 08

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    SomethingCreativeSomethingCreative Kazoo, MI Posts: 3,357
    mickeyrat said:
    there has never been  a garuantee to my knowledge since my time here..... thats 08
    Never been a guarantee is correct 
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    Only guarantee is Alive at every show.  
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    just_onejust_one Lisbon Posts: 2,081
    Only guarantee is Alive at every show.  
    pretty much this.

    10c never said they would guarantee tickets
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    lastexitlondonlastexitlondon Posts: 12,995
    You are not even guaranteed a show let alone tickets. 
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    Get_RightGet_Right Posts: 12,583

    Ten Club holds some of the best tickets in the house for members-only presale opportunities and rewards longtime fans for their dedication with seniority-based seating. Ten Club continually improves upon its ticketing program to ensure that fan club members have access to the most tickets possible per show.

    Opportunity to buy 10C tix means a lottery. Unfortunately, it seems that there are a bit more 10C tickets available for each show, BUT they are not as good as they used to be. The success rate really depends on the city, the venue, and/or the number of other shows on a given tour. 
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    BentleyspopBentleyspop Craft Beer Brewery, Colorado Posts: 10,610
    The only guarantee is that there will be people complaining about everything.
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    SHZASHZA St. Louis, MO USA Posts: 3,605
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    Death, taxes, & Alive at every show 
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