Ten Club Members not getting guaranteed tickets

cmiller89cmiller89 Vancouver Posts: 1
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Did I miss something... I thought that because we are Ten Club members we get guaranteed tickets to a Pearl Jam concert. I thought I would be able to request tickets (not get to choose seats) but a least not have to stress about entering some sort of lottery system. All I see is fan to fan register via Ticketmaster and maybe getting access to tickets but no guarantee. Did I miss something?
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    BSullyBSully Indiana Posts: 1,017
    You've missed quite a bit over the last 2 weeks.
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    BluJemBluJem Melbourne Posts: 9
    I'm stoked AS coz I got my tickets. Nov 16 cldnt cum quick enough!!! Eddie Jerome Vedder is my all time fav singer & he's sucha good 1, so talented & unique, hanging out 2 c him! 🥰 💖
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