Why does the Ten Club merch suck so bad?

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I've been a Ten Club member forever, and a Pearl Jam fan since the first time I heard them as a teenager in the early nineties...I've got all the spines...so don't take this the wrong way.

The designs for the annual Ten Club shirts are....well they just aren't cool. There hasn't been a single one over the years I've actually liked. They just seem to be an after thought. The license plate one is fine as a sticker, but would have been cooler if it was part of a larger design, eg on a car that was driving through the desert or in the rear view mirror.

Don't crap in my mouth and tell me it's a Big Mac. 

Look, I'll continue to be a Ten club member, primarily for the ticket purchasing benefits, but I do wish they'd put more work into putting together a cooler annual shirt, or give us the option to get a different one instead. I'd gladly take a spines t shirt or gigaton shirt instead of the license plate one.
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    But there’s a micro tour coming surely that’s more important then a tshirt no? 
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    Goooooood morning campers! 
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    Goooooood morning campers! 
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    HesCalledDyerHesCalledDyer Maryland Posts: 16,420
    I don't necessarily think it's a Ten Club exclusive issue. Pearl Jam t-shirts, by and large, haven't exactly been all that great over their career either. Most band shirts have flat out sucked for at least the last decade. It's like the designers think all these bands from the 90's & early 00's are still popular with current teenagers.
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    KwienekeKwieneke Indiana Posts: 1,293
    I don’t mind the designs as much as I mind the poor quality materials they use 
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    Poor quality materials is the issue to me
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    elwayvedderelwayvedder South Jersey Posts: 9,069
    boo 10c/SLH sucks!
    issues/questions/concerns I believe can be addressed privately to shipping@tenclub.net
    There I saved SLH from having to reply as he sips his coffee
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    I'm happy for you tho

    Or sorry that happened. 

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    edoconedocon Posts: 308
    I don't mean to diminish the negativity of the thread, but I kinda like the 10c shirts. 
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    Merkin BallerMerkin Baller Posts: 10,558
    edocon said:
    I don't mean to diminish the negativity of the thread, but I kinda like the 10c shirts. 
    I love the one w/ the deer on the front. 

    The free t shirt also isn't the reason I'm in the fan club, but to each his own. 
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    JojoRiceJojoRice Kennesaw, GA Posts: 4,068
    I think the designs have been a mixed bag.  There's some I like and some I don't like.  
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    Now I want a big mac 
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    Indifference71Indifference71 Chicago Posts: 14,763
    Kwieneke said:
    I don’t mind the designs as much as I mind the poor quality materials they use 
    This is accurate.
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    darwinstheorydarwinstheory LaPorte, IN Posts: 5,898
    I would really like to see their sizes be more accurate and also have them made in America. I also do not believe these two items are mutually exclusive. 

    Fwiw IMHO iyam
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    You don't have to like everything, but please don't be rude and disrespectful. See the Posting Guidelines. Thank you

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