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Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines

The Ten Club Community forum is an all-ages, topical and moderated forum. We'll be talking about Pearl Jam's music, new albums and tours and all Pearl Jam and Ten Club activities. Most of all...please be kind and take care of each other and we hope you have lots of FUN!!

Posting Guidelines

1. Be nice. We're very big on RESPECT here. Respect for each other, the band and the Ten Club Community forum environment. Please think of it as if you are as a guest in someone else's home. Please do not put your posting privileges at risk.

2. Discuss, disagree and debate politely. It's possible to disagree with people without being abusive, and it's a requirement here. This includes abusive Private Messages.

a. We operate on the "I'm rubber, you're glue" philosophy so if you make a wonderful, thoughtful post with good points and call the other guy a moron while you're at it, it'll be removed. See #3.

3. There are people bashing and insulting each other all over the internet. We feel it can be better here.

4. Please respect topic integrity by not derailing discussions from the original poster’s intent (OP). You can begin a new topic of your own in the appropriate forum. 

5. The band's personal lives are private.

6. Please do a search first for a topic that interests you instead of creating a new thread. That'll help prevent 10-20 threads on the same subject and you'll catch the discussion you may have missed. We'll be merging duplicate threads as we find them.

7. No Spamming, Flooding, or Trolling (Inciting Flames). There is a special place in hell reserved for those who RickRoll.

8. Please do not respond to trolls...it feeds them and you could lose your posting privileges in the process by joining an inappropriate thread.

9. Please respect the band's Taping & Camera policy https://help.pearljam.com/hc/en-us/articles/204909414-Ticket-Policy

Trading audience-recorded AUDIO PJ shows even-up, ok. No video. Bootlegs: Selling, linking to, or making offers are not ok. 2 for 1 trades is making profit, not ok. 

a. Please respect the Ten Club's ticket policy: https://help.pearljam.com/hc/en-us/articles/204909414-Ticket-Policy
Non-TC Tickets: face value only (no brokers). Offering to pay any price for a ticket, linking to brokers or auctions offering above face value is not ok. 

b. On occasion the band amends their Taping and Camera policy to reflect special circumstances where they do not allow photos or audio recordings (for example solo shows, shows where they are a guest, etc.). Please respect their wishes by not posting or bringing bootlegged items here.

10. Please respect an artist's copyright. Linking to or otherwise promoting stolen art is prohibited. If an artist's work is leaked online, don't post it here and please be careful when posting other people's images in posts.

11. Gossip, not ok. Please don't do it.

12. Please remember: We're not a chat room. There are off-site forums where you can set up your own chat room for personal conversations and topics we steer clear of here. In an effort to conserve bandwidth, we will perform bbs maintenance by regularly and/or randomly removing off topic and/or old posts.

13. If you have a disagreement with someone, (and it happens occasionally) please take it to Private Message to resolve it. Arguments are removed or locked...it poisons the atmosphere. Try thinking of the forum as if you were at a show. If the people next to you are fighting, it interferes with your enjoyment of the show.

14. Your postings reflect upon you. Please be thoughtful and double-check to be sure you're saying something you can be proud of before you hit the Submit button. The Google and Yahoo Bots are indexing your posts and can be viewed by the world. Please do yourself proud. We do our best to give polite hints by deleting problem posts first, please take note of that and do not repost a deleted topic. We might also temporarily ban or suspend your account but we hope that won't be necessary.

15. Please remember the Ten Club Community forum operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we don't. If you see a post that warrants moderator attention, please use the "Flag" link within the post.

16. In addition to these rules, please be sure to read the Terms of Use and Ten Club member policies at https://help.pearljam.com/hc/en-us/articles/204866734-Terms-of-Use
and Privacy Policy https://help.pearljam.com/hc/en-us/articles/204866604-Privacy-Policy

Please take good care of each other. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation.
Your Forum Moderators,
Kat and Sea

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