2022 Tour - tuned down song experiments - which ones worked, which ones not as much?



  • Jcanr20Jcanr20 Illinois Posts: 103
    I was really disappointed listening to the Hamilton Boot. The songs just sounded flat which is too bad because Ed sounds great.
  • I remember hearing Marker In The Sound tuned down and it was dreadful. Most I don't really notice too much.
  • The only song I dislike down-tuned is Life Wasted. The rest I really like. 
    Breath at Hyde Park sounded heavier for it and I loved it.

    Breath in Eb is super heavy sounding, especially the solo section, listening to it now.  I like it, listening and getting used to it for sure!  It grooves really well too, Matt always does a great job driving Breath
  • veddermanvedderman Posts: 795
    I really liked tuned down Nothingman from Hamilton 2022
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  • I like that by tuning down e-flow Ed can actually sing the chorus.  So I prefer that song tuned down.  
  • I remember hearing Marker In The Sound tuned down and it was dreadful. Most I don't really notice too much.
    When did they do that?!
  • Foriginal SinForiginal Sin Scottsdale, AZ Posts: 1,710
    Do you guys remember how Grievance sounded better on drums on Letterman (BY A FUCKING MILE) than the shitty album version?
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  • ForceofNature101ForceofNature101 Posts: 1,181
    The only song I dislike down-tuned is Life Wasted. The rest I really like. 
    Breath at Hyde Park sounded heavier for it and I loved it.

    Yeah Life Wasted in the original tuning is hard to beat in terms of rawness
  • JT167846JT167846 Posts: 644
    Comatose in Boston (last gig pre-Covid) was horrendous to my recollection. Getaway a half step down in Amsterdam 2014 felt a bit slack which is what you always risk I guess. The Fixer sounds better than I thought it would a half step down.
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  • Go AnimalGo Animal Posts: 3,810
    Given to Fly hasn't sounded this good since '98. Even Flow hasn't been this good since Vs.

    Biggest surprise was Dissident at MSG. Was like it was being covered by AiC! 
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  • evenflow82evenflow82 Posts: 3,826
    I noticed the downtuning on Oceans immediately. 
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  • So far, the 2023 dates have most songs back to standard tunings/their normal tunings such as Even Flow - there have been a couple exceptions here and there but I think so much of the 2022 tunes were due to Eddie's vocal troubles/illness at the time
  • Jcanr20Jcanr20 Illinois Posts: 103
    Smile in Chicago sounded tuned down to me. It was just a big splat as far as I was concerned.
  • Jcanr20 said:
    Smile in Chicago sounded tuned down to me. It was just a big splat as far as I was concerned.

    Listening to it right now, surprisingly actually it is in its original tuning (E minor)!  I need to listen to the full thing to get a feel for the overall performance, I recall last year it was tuned down but in Chicago this year it seems to be back to normal tuning
  • RyanRyan Posts: 991
    If anyone wants to hear Pj downtuned, listen to Quebec City 2022.  A bunch of songs not usually tuned down were turned down, like I Got Shit, Betterman and Alive.  Many of these were back to normal tuning by the Ontario shows later that week.  
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  • JB56195JB56195 Posts: 299
    Not a musician guy at all.  Is the down tuning to avoid hitting high notes or is it to take a break if several songs are sung in the same key.  Put another way, is it too much stress to hit the high notes or is it repetitive stress of singing in the same key over multiple songs in a row (more of an endurance thing)?

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