*** Pearl Jam Los Angeles, CA Fanviews 5/6/22 ***



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    Luckytwn1 said:
    Looks like a great set! And looking forward to tonight. PJ can bring their 22-23 song sets down to Australia anytime. Thanks in advance! 
    Sure, but if they did that, this board would still be overrun with spoiled folks from the US complaining about how a show they didn't even go to was too short and not up to par. 
    I’m going to go enjoy tonight’s show but this use of the word “spoiled” is really off base IMO. A spoiled child is one that is given anything they want without boundaries. Pearl Jam is a business and we are their customers, paying for the privilege to be there. Every member of the band and every employee working for them benefits greatly from the fact that they have a devoted fan base that spends huge amounts of money on tickets, merchandise, and everything else they can come up with. And that’s to the band’s credit. What they have established is remarkable. But I can tell you this, they wouldn’t show up and play for free. Nor would any other act for that matter. And in my opinion, any paying customer is entitled to be satisfied, dissatisfied or anywhere in between.
    I stand by that word. Nowhere on the ticket purchasing page does it say anything about "3+ hours with Pearl Jam" or "30+ songs by Pearl Jam." A standard non-PJ big-artist concert is less than 2 hours long with the same setlist every night for essentially the same cost. I would get it if observers at shows felt like the band was phoning it in, or playing poorly, or not giving any effort. But I haven't heard anyone say that. Almost universally, the people who have attended the shows have loved them. I'm only commenting on this senseless obsession with set length and playing time. To be complaining about the band putting on a unique, passionate, 2+ hour performance -- especially when you weren't even there -- is simply spoiled.

    It's like going to an ice cream parlor and ordering a scoop of ice cream. The parlor surprises you with 3 heaping scoops of the most delicious ice cream you've ever had. You go back a few years later and it's still the most delicious ice cream you've ever had, but they're only giving one extra scoop now instead of 2. So you piss and moan about how the place sucks and is no longer worth your time. Oh, and as a bonus, you didn't even taste the ice cream yourself -- you're just basing this on a picture of the 2 scoops your kid sent you on Instagram.

    Whatever. This is a fan view, so I'll just add that I loved all 3 shows I went to this tour and didn't for a single second feel like I was getting ripped off because the band played for 2:15 or whatever instead of 3 hours. I took my girlfriend, who is a newly anointed PJ lover, to all 3 shows and she was blown away too. The only thing that bothered her were the fans at every show who, as she described, seemed to be either constantly complaining or engaging in pissing contests trying to one-up each other. I suppose that's what a lot of the fanbase has become. Oh well. Still can't wait for Vegas.
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    JK109224 said:
    Solid set. Essentially the band have removed the 5+ sloppy repetitive covers from their shows and we have a tight Pearl Jam setlist, performed well.

    I've been hoping for this for some years now. Long may it continue.
    This makes such a difference.  They have such a strong, deep catalog I would always rather hear any on theirs over someone else’s song.
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    A few random musing on LA1:

    -  Of the Girl was super vibey and awesome, loved getting that as an opener and never thought I would! 
    -  Eddie was in a very good mood and sounded fantastic during the whole show
    -  Yellow Ledbetter! I know it is a standard encore tune, I was happy to get that after it got scratched for LA1 in 2013
    -  My favorite Gigaton moments were Never Destination, Who Ever Said, and Quick Escape
    -  A really fantastic version of Black
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    show #22, my first PJ arena show since 2016 and man was it something! first of all I've never loved a venue more than the Forum. just an iconic place that sounds so great and you can't beat being able to hang outside in the great weather.

    starting with Of The Girl to set the tone was amazing. Love when the band plays their 'opener' songs. it was a really strong start - the new songs were placed perfectly in the set and gave a great tempo. I thought the crowd was pretty good, my section (floor F) was real solid with lots of fans singing along. the highlights for me were faithfull, not for you, nothing man into present tense and black. actually those last 3 songs combined with just seeing the band tour again got me emotional. 

    the band sounded great and more importantly they seemed excited. sure its a different feel now knowing these shows wont be 3 hours with 30+ songs and some real crazy rarities, but the songs they are whipping out are played as well as ever and they're having fun. there still is no band like them. 
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    Just watched this whole show on YouTube.  Fan video from side stage, Mikes side.  It was very good!

    edited to say it’s the Live Rock Music by Scott Perry channel. Thanks Scott!
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    Good show except for Ed’s story about missing  the Pink Floyd  The Wall show at the Forum back in the day. They played 7 nights at the LA Sports Arena, not the Forum. What else is Ed lying to us about? 
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    Good show except for Ed’s story about missing  the Pink Floyd  The Wall show at the Forum back in the day. They played 7 nights at the LA Sports Arena, not the Forum. What else is Ed lying to us about? 
    His story also included him and his friend hotboxing their car beforehand, so maybe his memory is a little fuzzy.
  • You all have the privilege of seeing one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever and you ...complain? You actually have the ability to provide real-life comparisons between shows that you've attended, which means you've been to multiple shows, possibly and probably over multiple tours and you're going to bitch about the fact that they only played 22 songs when they usually play 30? Seriously? 

    Since they're only playing 22 songs and you're only going to be let down - give your ticket to someone who, oh, I don't know, hasn't ever seen the band play live before? Someone who couldn't afford a ticket? Someone who had a really shitty couple of years? Or how about anyone, literally anyone, that would appreciate the moment of joy that comes from seeing a great band play live, especially given the absolute shit past, present, and future we're all collectively facing.

    Some of you really need to check yourselves because you come across a bunch of entitled fans and really just need to take a second and realize that you got to go see Pearl Jam and appreciate that for all that it is... 

    This community can be unreal sometimes.
    Some of the people here who bought tickets two years ago for these shows, that have to travel great distances to see the shows, at a now much higher cost than it would have been two years.

    Some of the people here bought the tickets two years ago based on the 32-34 song set lists they had gotten accustomed to seeing.

    So to insult people who might now want to have to pay $1500 a show for travel and lodging because they aren't getting what they are used to strikes me as strange.

    It is not the community that has become unreal sometimes, it is the entire country.

    Too many people have the "my opinion needs to be applied to everyone" attitude that I see above.

    What ever happened to different strokes for different folks?

    To lecture people because they have a different opinion and place a different value on something other than what you think, really??  And you are telling others to check themselves?

    I mean an 80 year old Paul McCartney is playing 34 song setlists and 3 hour shows, just saying.

    Of course the band has every right to play how ever many or few songs they want to play a night.

    Just as every fan has the right to choose if they want to go to the show or not.

    With a terrible economy, impending recession, record gas prices, no one should be shamed for choosing to not go to a show that doesn't fit what their expectations are.  It is THEIR expectations as a fan and it is individual.

    Wishing for the good old days where opinions could vary and everyone still lived happily ever after.
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