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Viruses / Vaccines



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    Anyone else read this blog?  Great data and frequent updates:

    “We are seeing this in local jurisdictions, too. In a South Carolina Children’s hospital, all children hospitalized with/for COVID19 were unvaccinated. Every one of them. In the state of New York report, 91% of children aged 5-11 years who were hospitalized with/for COVID19 were unvaccinated.”

    Yet another pretty significant compilation of data showing the effectiveness of vaccines.

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    hedonist said:
    Can you guys please take your whatever the hell you’re arguing about to pm’s?  For fuck’s sake. Have your squabbles in private. 

    There are some here who actually take this shit seriously.

    DMs aren't possible when someone hides behind a private profile.  

    But I agree with your sentiment. 
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    Closed for review. Done.
    We'll start a new thread so there is a clean slate for everyone going forward.

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    Please take your personal issues with each other off of the forum. No more personal insults. Discuss the topic not the people discussing the topic. Do not derail any topic with personal arguments. If you cannot get along with someone, put them on your Ignore List. To do that: go into your profile, select edit profile, select ignore list and add the name. 

    It doesn't take a lot of effort to be good to each is the time.

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