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Pearl Jam 30 for 30



  • dannydanny Posts: 2,128
    4 nights at the spectrum 

    danny d
  • bigbiggzybigbiggzy Posts: 410
    edited October 16
    GREAT list thus far.

    I’d add DTE Animated video...and maybe all the MSG shows from each tour.
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  • bigbiggzybigbiggzy Posts: 410

    (drops mic while leaving the room to thunderous applause....go on, Josh...take a deserve it....go on now.....don’t be shy)
  • SR91748SR91748 Posts: 101
    Spectrum shows 2009
    Home and Away shows 2018
    Global Citizen 2015 and Ed appearances
    All the side projects, and particularly their charitable contributions (Flight to Mars)
    Vitalogy Foundation
    Riot Act tour and the Bush mask
    All in WA - re COVID, BLM
    The posters and arts support
    I love PJ's music. I'm a fan and 10C member b/c of all they've done, and overcome. They're my age, and I'm in the greater Seattle region, so i share many of the same teen to adult regional experiences. I am inspired by their contributions to this world. The Home shows donations were no small thing. They've done a lot of good, in addition to their remarkable catalog. 
  • stickmanstickman Posts: 941
    “Shoe the Shoeless!” 

    “Me and Jeff will be at the exit beating the shit out of people with no shoes!” 

    Daughter “It’s OK”  Jones Beach 
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