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EV and Jeff will be on Bill Simmons podcast



  • pjl44pjl44 Posts: 6,603
    I thought this was great. Would love to hear them do more podcasts or longform interviews. Really nice to hear them have a paced conversation, laugh, tell cool stories. I'm glad BS kept it light and didn't solicit 10C members for questions about their petty grievances. It's meant to be pleasant.
  • bigbiggzybigbiggzy Posts: 433
    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad they did the interview.
  • BF25394BF25394 Posts: 1,337
    Maybe Ed and Jeff took this interview simply because they knew it wouldn't be too serious.  Knowing that Simmons wouldn't go too deep with them, keep it casual.  Not acting like Chris Farley with Paul McCartney.  Bill has no musical background, probably played the album once while working, and therefore isn't able to even appropriately ask a question about what instruments Jeff is playing or themes of the album.  Shit, Eddie didn't even want to answer what song gets the crowd most fired up.  They wanted a lighthearted conversation and they got one.  
    Often, the best question is one that says very little.  There doesn't need to be a lengthy spiel where the interviewer interjects his or her point-of-view into the question.  And it's not a cross-examination-- you don't need to know the answers in advance.  Just ask open-ended questions.  "Eddie, tell me about what was on your mind when you were writing these songs?"  "Jeff, tell me about the artwork for this album.  Does it reflect themes you guys were trying to get at with these songs?"  You don't have to know much of anything to ask questions like this.  If they are unresponsive, there's not a lot you can do.  But try.  The existence of this album is the only reason this interview was even happening.
  • on2legson2legs The Jersey ShorePosts: 11,584
    Bill trending on Twitter today and not in a good way. 
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