Yeah In my Dreams😉

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Nearing my 40th birthday i kind of panicked that i was getting old ...

Hearing "Even Flow" in a friends car one day I started having flash backs and found myself watching everything i could find on Pearl Jam that i had missed over the last 20 years..
Thank you YouTube!
Been my favorite band since i was 14.  

Unfortunately in my late 20's i went totally deaf and couldn't listen to music for a long time as it was just irritating noise to me.
Finally i get a cochlear implant and i have almost all my hearing in one ear now.
It took a while adjusting to be able to listen to music again..
Please don't ever take your hearing for granted!

With all this Pearl Jam excitement flooding back i realised how much i had missed them.

So I had this dream my sister and I had just been to a Pearl Jam concert and afterwards we were sitting on the veranda (porch) when Eddie walks past!
I sat there a second and thought shit am i really seeing this?
I had to meet him,
so i got up and suddenly felt like an idiot cause i wanted to seem cool and not all ecstatic and star struck...
as i approached him I instantly turned into a lame arse bumbling bimbo telling him how great i thought he was bla bla bla.
I had to tell myself to "calm the fuck down"

Then i took his hand, looked him in the eye and said to him...

"Don't lose your inner child"!

Then I woke up....

and I realised that message was for me..
not to lose my inner child!

Your music speaks... it's a gift 🎶
I have been listening to them everyday since... 
also Chris Cornell, Temple of the Dog and Mother Love Bone who I didnt really know that much about before.
I've just been given a beautiful little electric acoustic guitar that I'm going to learn to play on and am just a tad excited!
Thanks Eddie and Pearl Jam you're the best😉 
I miss the 90's
Much Love from Australia✌

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