My Pearl Jam buddy, my son, passed away

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   You never know what morning you may wake up and your entire life will change in an instant. That’s what happened to us on the morning of April 27, 2007. That’s right; it’s taken me eleven years to be able to put this down on paper.

  I was walking into work, that morning when I got a call from my wife. She couldn’t wake up our eighteen year old son Matthew. He was in a coma; the paramedics were on their way. He was being rushed to Boston Children’s hospital. Driving there, my stomach was in such a knot, that I couldn’t sit back in my chair for the entire trip. Upon arriving at BC hospital, we were informed that Matt had contracted a rare virus called ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis) and Matt had the worst case they’d ever seen. It’s a virus that destroys the protective membrane around the brain causing it to swell. They would try to counter it with high doses of Steroids, but were really already too late. Three days later, we were informed that there was no longer any hope and we removed him from life support.

 Here was our son that played hockey and skied black diamond runs with me, couldn’t even have screamed for help that night. Every time I hear the line from Floyd’s  song “Brain Damage“ (“You shout and no one seems to hear”) it gives me chills.

He was supposed to be attending his high school senior prom that day.

We were crushed, but didn’t want his life to go in vain. We started a fund at Boston Children’s Hospital “The Matthew Ian Wayne Neurological Research Endowment Fund” which has risen over $74,000. This money helped Boston Children’s Hospital in building an entire wing dedicated to Neurological research and I’m sure Matt would be proud to be part of that.

Matt was my Pearl Jam buddy, who attended all the Boston shows with me. His last show was at the BankNorth Garden on May 24, 2006.  That night you performed Bob Dylan’s classic “Forever Young”. It seems surreal that this was the first and only night you’ve ever performed it.  Eleven months from that show Matt passed but he will always be our eighteen year old son. He’ll always be “Forever Young” in our hearts. I have it tattooed on my arm above his angel.

My wife and I will be at the Boston, Fenway shows this September. If you would please pull this Dylan classic out for one more time, and dedicate “Forever Young” to Matt, I’d be forever in your debt.

Matt became our Roskilde Festival and it makes you truly think just how fragile life is. I know exactly what Eddie is talking about when he says he can “feel” his Dad sometimes. I can certainly feel my son with me and know he’ll be at the Fenway shows with us.

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    It's a fragile thing this life we lead..
    Thank you for opening up.. I know that's not easy!

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    Thank you for telling us the story. I hope they play Forever Young for Matt.
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    Heartbreaking. I can't imagine the pain. Good luck with this my friend. 
  • Thanks for sharing. So sorry for your loss. I hope they play this for you.
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    Heartbreaking story. Sorry for your loss. I hope the band reads this and Forever Young makes an appearance at Fenway.  
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    I’m so sorry for your loss, thank you for sharing. I hope your wish is granted. Lots of love <3
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    Sorry for your loss. PJ, please play Forever Young for the eternally young Matt. :prayer:
    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
    Were [Pearl] jammin, [Pearl] jammin
    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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    Sorry this happened to your family and hope you get your wish. 
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  • I just read this and I am really sorry for your loss. I hope you get your song.
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    This needs to happen 
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    Forever Young
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    I just read this and I am really sorry for your loss. I hope you get your song.

    Hoping this gets the attention of the right people and you get it to hear it.  
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    So sorry for your loss. I hope Forever Young is played for you guys.
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    I hope you get the song at Fenway. So sorry for your family.  
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    Thanks for sharing. You never know what each day will bring. Sounds like you had a great son. I take my 2 oldest sons to shows with me and it builds a special connection with your family. Hope you get your song. 
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    Hearts and thoughts to you! So sorry for your loss. Hope you hear it again.
  • jjflashjjflash Posts: 3,699
    ski-bum, thanks for sharing this and for the reminder of how precious life really is. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Much love to you and your wife and hope you get to hear Forever Young for Matt.
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    Jeez man what a heartbreaking loss. No warning, and Children's Hospital which is one of the best of its kind basically helpless, that's got to be tough to come to grips with. All my best to you and your wife, here's hoping you get the song played.

    This weekend we rock Portland
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    Can’t imagine what you’ve been going through since that day. I hope you get your wish. Let’s try and keep this thread at the top. *Bump for Matt*
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    God. Thank you for sharing.  Our first son is on 5 1/2 months old and I cannot imagine the pain you feel.  Again, thank you for sharing. I really hope they make this happen for you, your wife, and your beloved son.
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    No words... except please play this song dedicated to Matt
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    I am deeply sorry for your loss, i can't even begin to imagine the pain that is felt with a loss like this. I truly hope that this request gets filled in Boston for you and your family. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. 
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    Please play this and thank you for sharing your story.
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    Sorry to hear this, praying for you.
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    Heartbreaking. I hope you get what you want and find peace. 
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    Forever Young
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    Forever young
    up here in my tree in vienna
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    So sorry for your loss. There are no words.
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    Really hope you get your wish for this song.  It's a heartbreaking story and every parents worst nightmare.
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    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
    Were [Pearl] jammin, [Pearl] jammin
    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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