all time favourite line



  • Won't let the light escape from me.
    Won't let the darkness swallow me.
  • SH17171SH17171 Posts: 425
    drilling for fear
    Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
  • my two:

    "one, two, three, four, five against one"

    "He made it to the ocean, had a smoke in a tree"
  • redeyeredeye Posts: 620
    im still alive
  • pandorapandora Posts: 21,855
    "I will take this soul thats inside me now
    like a brand new friend I'll forever know"
    that is THE most gorgeous song Mr Vedder has ever done
    Long Nights - it is most wonderful
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you
  • samjamsamjam New York Posts: 9,283
    So many!

    But, one of my favorite snippets:
    "No longer overwhelmed and it seems so simple now/It's funny when things change so much/It's all state of mind/ I swallow my words (the truth) to keep from lying/ I swallow my face just to keep from biting/ I swallowed my breath and went deep I was diving/I surfaced & all of my being was enlightened/Now I'm in hiding"
    "Sometimes you find yourself having to put all your faith in no faith."
    ~not a dude~
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    Are we going to the same place? If so, can I come?
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  • MM5169MM5169 Posts: 84
    and the roads, the old man paved .... the open seams .. along the way
  • morgie2morgie2 Posts: 1,065
    ..........he seems distracted and i know just what is gonna happen next, before his first step, he's off again..........................
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    Troubled Souls Unite
  • GrimblissGrimbliss Posts: 32
    "Born on third, thinks he got a triple"

    One of the greatest lines ever! Although written about Bush, I think we all know someone who could be perfectly summed up by this line.
  • DangDangDangDang Posts: 1,551
    Your Pearl Jam Ten Club order has been received

    Love it!
  • DangDangDangDang Posts: 1,551
    Things were different then, all is different now. I tried to explain, somehow... - Hard to Imagine

    That's a great line, not only for the words, but for the part of the song where the words come out of...somehow.
  • MF151004MF151004 Posts: 31
    I swallow my words to keep from lying
    I swallow my face just to keep from biting, I, I..
    I swallowed my breath and went deep, I was diving, diving
    I surfaced when all of my pen wasn't writing

    You're in your own world ...lets see the whole world

    I would rather starve than eat your bread

    Everything has changed....absolutley nothing's changed

    No I don't wanna hurt, theres so much in this world to make me bleed
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  • illegal pantsillegal pants Posts: 13,471
    i love coming here time to time, always makes me smile :)

    i've been meaning to get a new mp3 player, and had planned to get let the song protest inscribed..

    it just sums it all up for me
  • maxferlmaxferl Quebec City Posts: 118
    I will hold the candle, till it burns up my arm
    I'll keep takin' punches, until their will grows tired
    Oh I will stare the sun down, until my eyes go blind
    Hey I won't change direction, and I won't change my mind
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    What a different life had I not found this love with you .....
    "thru extensive negotiations we managed to get the curfew moved back..... we still don't have any time to fu&k around...."

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  • ed243421ed243421 Posts: 7,608
    many are favorites
    today it is

    tell the captain
    this boats not safe
    and we're drowning
    turns out
    he the one
    making waves
    The whole world will be different soon... - EV
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    -I know I was born and I knwo that i'll die, the inbetween is mine
    -Caught a bolt of lightning, cursed the day he let it go
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  • whispering handswhispering hands Under your skin Posts: 13,527
    there's some really great quotes on here!!!

    These are a few of my favorites

    " I will stare the sun down until it burns my eyes."

    "I escaped it a life wasted and I am never going back again"

    " I surfaced and all of my being was enlightened"

    "I'm like an opening band for the sun"

    "Don't call me daughter.. not fit to.. the picture kept will remind me" -side note, this is engraved into my mother's urn, and her picture sits beside it..

    " like Pilate I have a dog.. Obeys, listens, kisses, loves.."

    " Visions of falling up somehow"

    and last, but very far from least,

    "how much difference does it make??"
  • bnc620bnc620 Posts: 6
    And all I taught her was, everything.
  • I gather speed/From you fucking with me
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  • vest71vest71 Posts: 239
    I have a few favorites:

    "whos kidding rainy way ticket headstone....
    occupations overthrown....a whisper thru a megaphone..."
    I don´t know the meaning or really understand what is about but it sounds good and I like it.. :D

    "The smallest oceans still get ... big,big waves"
    Again don´t know what the lyrics is all about but it fits the song perfect :mrgreen:
    Burn my eyes and try to blind me
    Bury me so they won't find me
    Try to suck my power empty
    Got no crown of thorns on me
  • Darkness comes in waves,... tell me,
    why invite it to stay?

    Such good advice for everyone/
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    ...AND I COME CLEAN...
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  • smoke20smoke20 Posts: 50
    I'll ride the wave
    Where it takes me
    I'll hold the pain
    Release me
    Eddie Vedder Into the Wild, RISE... "I'll find my direction magnetically!
  • IAmMINeAIAmMINeA Bremen Posts: 25
    There are so many great lines and words, some of my favourites:

    love boat captain take the reign

    saved for tears that were waterfalling

    and from ITW: ... make me feel I´m falling ... safely to the ground

    I had a dream, before I heard the song, driving down from a mountain by bike, very quickly and then ... not getting the curve, but going straight on into ... thin air and: falling, falling, falling for hundreds of meters and then ...landing save on the ground.
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    Love is the wine (Sh. Muzaffer Ozak Ef.)
  • "open the fridge, now i know life is worth." -lukin
  • pandorapandora Posts: 21,855
    "Hold me til I die,
    meet you on the otherside."
  • myramyra Posts: 1,257
    Most inspirational lines as of right now :

    'Are we going to the same place ? If so, can I come ?'

    'I wish I was as fortunate, as fortunate as me.'

    'Escape is never the safest path'

    'The direction of the eye, so misleading, the defection of the soul, nauseously quick. I don't question our existence, I just question our modern needs'.
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