Official: 2018 Home Shows vs Away Shows Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • nocode4nocode4 Posts: 55
    I have 10C reserved (104xxx) for both Wrigley shows. If you're looking to swap your GAs (either or both nights) for EXCELLENT reserved seats, PM me

  • jtr101jtr101 Posts: 233
    nocode4 said:
    I have 10C reserved (104xxx) for both Wrigley shows. If you're looking to swap your GAs (either or both nights) for EXCELLENT reserved seats, PM me

    Sent you a PM ... have GAs for N2 

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  • 2 GA for Missoula available. PM if interested 
  • butterjambutterjam Posts: 208
    Looking for 1 ticket to Wrigley night 1.  My buddy got bailed on, so he’s in desperate need.  Thanks.
  • pp130767pp130767 Posts: 25
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    Looking for GA 8/18 or 8/20 
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  • fugawzifugawzi Posts: 864
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    Careful dr_ed. That kind of talk will get u “warned” around here.

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  • Tribe1948Tribe1948 Posts: 5
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    Looking for a ticket for Wrigley Night 2.  Can pay immediately or meet the day of show.  Thanks!  ------   I Found one!  Thanks for the help everyone
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  • My friend and I now have 2 10C GAs available - face of course. We will arrive in Missoula this evening and can meet tonight or in the morning to transfer. PM me if interested. 
  • Looking for a Wrigley N1 GA or a Fenway N1 turf.  Already going to both N2's, but I'd like to take in a show from the field.  Can anyone help a TC'er out? 

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    8/10/2018 - Safeco Field, Seattle, WA; 8/18/2018 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL; 8/20/2018 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

  • State of MindState of Mind Posts: 277
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    Available, ten club extra ticket Fenway Boston night 1, member 352xxx, box 7. Night one ticket is spoken for.

    I may also have night 2, box 6, extra available, but not sure yet.

    Both tickets sold. 

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  • I cannot attend Missoula if anyone wants the transferable fan club GA ticket 
  • JM5068JM5068 Posts: 5
    I'm contemplating a spontaneous drive from WA state to attend the Missoula show, it seems there are a few GA tix available. But anyone have a lead on a cancelled hotel room in Missoula or safe place to car camp on short notice?
  • pjbooyapjbooya MiamiPosts: 83
    Need 1 Wrigley Night 1 ticket for a friend. Let me know!!! =)Thanks guys!!!
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  • e360727e360727 Posts: 8
    10C GA Missoula available.  Face value of course. Text 5135034981 if interested.  
  • dugsmokdugsmok Posts: 8
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    Nothing to see here.
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  • kwarlockwarloc Posts: 42
    in need of a ticket for Wrigley #1... 10c GA preferred but I'll take what I can get... thanks! 949-291-2520
  • MW28847MW28847 NYCPosts: 4
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    I have one extra ticket for Wrigley, Night 2 (Monday, August 20). Section L, Row 15. Face value. Send me a message if interested.  UPDATED: Ticket has been claimed.
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  • Killer_BKiller_B Posts: 41
    In the afterglow of Seattle I’m thinking of making a last minute trip to Wrigley. Anyone have a single extra for night 1? If so, please PM me. Thanks.
  • I can't miss Wrigley Night 1 ....just can' need of 2 tix for me and a buddy ...ill even take a single to get in the door Thank you !
  • aweisman10aweisman10 Posts: 103
    Looking to buy two tickets to Wrigley night 2. Dm me if anything available, thanks! 
  • nocode4nocode4 Posts: 55
    once again: I have 10C reserved (104xxx) for both Wrigley shows. If you're looking to swap your GAs (either or both nights) for EXCELLENT reserved seats, PM me
  • RyanRyan Posts: 730
    Looking for a pair for Wrigley night 1.  Not picky on location.
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  • release00release00 Posts: 232
    Need one field ticket for N1 Chicago. Have a N2 bullpen seat (second row from the field) to trade if that helps. 
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  • fugawzifugawzi Posts: 864
    Still have 10C GA for Missoula tonight if anyone needs it 

    text or call me 

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  • pp130767pp130767 Posts: 25
  • ISO: Single ticket for both Fenway 1 & Fenway 2. Field/turf level preferred. My wife is going on her own for one last hurrah before returning to work post baby-having. Thanks for any help!
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  • I have one ticket available for Wrigley Night 2 (8/20). The ticket is Reserved Seating section 127 row 9. Selling at face value. Message me if interested
    St. Paul-2014, Wrigley 1-2016
  • Still ISO 2 GA Tix Chicago 8/18.  I'll be in Chicago anyways so we can do this in person OR I can immediately PayPal you the money.  Either way, help make my first anniversary with the wife a dream come true!  I will also bless the 10c with some good karma in the future. 
  • herverthervert Posts: 74
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    FS Wrigley night 2, 2 TM verified presale tickets face value sec 235
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  • JlacorteJlacorte Posts: 10
    agturner said:
    ISO Fenway N1 - 2 tickets (for me and my son!)

    I can not use my pair for night 1 if still interested
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