Official: 2018 Home Shows vs Away Shows Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • cowboypjfancowboypjfan Posts: 2,451
    I have 2 tickets for Wrigley night 1 in section 134. Hoping for a ticket to Fenway 2. Open to ideas or offers.
  • wbutler29wbutler29 Posts: 685
    Looks like I’ll have an extra GA for Wrigley N2. PM me and we can work a transfer. PayPal, Venmo, or cash in person this weekend. I’m in town all weekend and going to N1 as well. Let me know.
  • Berlin2000Berlin2000 ChicagoPosts: 23
    I'll take that ticket. In town too. Can do PayPal right now or cash tomorrow, whatever your prefer.
  • ccoyleccoyle Posts: 20
    ISO 2 reserved Wrigley night 1 for 2 friends. Can do verified or ten club.  If 2 friends each get a pair of 10 club can one still sell a pair like the old days and my 2 friends just walk in with them and then go to respective seats? 

    Essentially it is the same thing as buying the 2 hard tickets as before new policy. PM me If you can help. Thanks 

  • iwasthereiwasthere Posts: 505
    Still looking for 1 GA to either Wrigley show.

    Assuming you want cash/paypal but I also have a reserved field ticket for Monday night to trade if that helps anything.
  • CG658530CG658530 Posts: 78
    I have 2 verified fan tickets, lower bowl, and would like 1 GA. Both night 1 at Wrigley.
  • mayaman22mayaman22 Posts: 5
    edited August 2018
    ISO 2 for Saturday.  Flying in tomorrow for wife's 40th.  Was prepared to just drop the cash on Seatgeek, StubHub.  New to 10C, just found this...trying the longshot.  

    Update:  Got a response and bought 2...thanks C...but would still like to upgrade to something closer. 
    Also, in my attempts to find something on the field, I committed to a Craigslister who eventually agreed to send me this...(notice the Vs and Ws):
    Be careful out there.
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  • Possibly looking for 2 seats for Saturday also if anyone has any extra ! I’d be coming in last min , if I don’t fine I guess the cubby bear patio is where I’ll be. 
  • markhammmarkhamm i come from the mountainPosts: 79
    I have 1 for sale 8/18, section 108. 
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  • SilentBill4SilentBill4 Posts: 19
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    Hey all, still in desperate search for two for 8/18 in Chicago for field or in the 100's. 

    Beware scammers...I'm so desperate that I tried out craigslist and thankfully I stopped the sale before I got scammed.  One trick if you're worried about buying fake tickets is do what I did: I compared it to photos of tickets posted by all of you to what was being offered to me.  The V in Live Nation was normal looking on the fake tickets...on real ones, the V has one straight line and the other is slanted.

    Anyways people, help me help you! Anything you can do would be beyond grateful.  I will pay cash or paypal!
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  • markhamm said:
    I have 1 for sale 8/18, section 108. 
    PMed you.
  • buck502000buck502000 Birthplace of GIBSON guitarPosts: 8,730
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    4 hard tickets for sale 

    Chicago 1&2-18 Cork-EV-17 Chicago 1&2-16 Miami-16 Ft. Lauderdale-16 New York City(Colbert,Sound Check,Show)-15 Moline-14 Detroit-14 Amsterdam 1&2-14 Chicago-13 Noblesville-10 Grand Rapids-06 Grand Rapids-04 Auburn Hills-00 Auburn Hills-98 Toledo-96

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  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 2,179
    4 hard tickets for sale 

    Ok the 4 I have are better. Was hoping for fields! Good luck. 
  • PJjohngillespiePJjohngillespie Posts: 6
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    Wrigley n2 sect 114 row 4 for sale. pm me if you want it
  • Pilate's dawgPilate's dawg Posts: 14
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  • 4 hard tickets for sale 

    Would you sell just 1? 
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  • markhammmarkhamm i come from the mountainPosts: 79
    Is anyone having any trouble currently accessing their tickets? It's not even letting me log in right now.
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  • suzperrysuzperry Posts: 21
    Can't log in to access tickets....can't change password because the site won't send the link even though it says it has. And of course this happens RIGHT AFTER I sold a ticket so now can't do the transfer. 
  • markhammmarkhamm i come from the mountainPosts: 79
    Ok, that makes me feel better. I've been sitting here trying to transfer a ticket for over an hour now, and was getting pretty damn frustrated. I trust the issues will be worked out tomorrow.
    Never has gravity been so uplifting.
  • LavaLava Posts: 3
    Have one extra reserve seat for Wrigley 1 and 2. Looking for face value. If interested pm.
  • Had someone back out last minute, so I have 1 10C reserved ticket for Wrigley N1 for sale.  Section 429, Row 3.  PM me if interested, face value.
  • Looking for 2 tickets to the 8/18 show.  Anywhere in the venue would be great! 
  • nmtheonmtheo LouisvillePosts: 61
    Anyone want to trade my 2 FLD L Row 17 for 1 GA?

    KY PJ Fan
  • patelanmpatelanm Posts: 23
    A friend has an extra 10C ticket for Wrigley 1 in section 429. Face value of course and can meet in the Wrigleyville area tomorrow afternoon/evening or email the ticket. PM if interested. Thanks
  • iwasthereiwasthere Posts: 505
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    Like others, looking for a GA for night one. Willing to get in line TONIGHT if anyone has an extra.
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  • SilentBill4SilentBill4 Posts: 19
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    Still still in massive search of  Wrigley 8/18 Field or other decent seats. Currently in Chicago.  Will pay cash or PayPal ASAP and can meet you today or tomorrow.
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  • unlededunleded Posts: 29
    I've got one extra N1 Wrigley, Field T Row 4 FS. Standing in long line for merch now, so whoever PMs with best joke before I reach the front gets to buy it. Prefer cash.
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  • pp130767pp130767 Posts: 25
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  • AM277477AM277477 Posts: 28
    ISO GA N2.... just one ticket.  not gonna give up.  DEF not afraid of any rain.  ;-)  coming in from colorado . hotel (check)/flight (check).  now just need one kind soul. 
  • markbyrne8520markbyrne8520 BostonPosts: 17
    ISO Wrigley GA night 1 ticket.  Flying in from Boston tomorrow  please help! Thank you everyone 
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