Official: 2018 Home Shows vs Away Shows Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • Looking for 2 night 2 Seattle 
    All together now...
  • nmtheonmtheo LouisvillePosts: 61
    Looking for 1 GA ticket for show tonight. PM if anyone has one.
    KY PJ Fan
  • DB657075 said:
    Extra TC ticket for sale Seattle N2 (Reserved Sec 125). FV. PM if interested.
    Anyone need ticket for tonight? ^^^^^^^^^ send pm. 
  • Still in desperate search of two tickets for Chicago night 1... PM if available! 
  • BLACK35BLACK35 Hanover, Ontario Posts: 21,247
    I have a 2 friends that are heading to Chicago already, they had no luck via Ticketmaster sale (not 10C members). They are willing to pay scalpers for a pair. But I would like to see if I can help them out. So if anyone has a pair of tickets they need to unload. Send me a PM
    They are Pearl Jam fans, just never seen them live yet and I would like to help them out. I believe its their 10 yr anniversary as well (not the same weekend though) The wife wanted to surprise him with tickets before they got shut out. 
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  • alskaraokealskaraoke Posts: 66
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    Have an extra Fenway Sept 2 A3TURF ROW 13 ticket for night one. Looking to trade for night 2. Looking for something just as good even up. No nosebleeds and I will throw in ect ect ect. Will transfer the name over on guest ticket vica verca. pm me or email me alan at my screenname dot com
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  • fugawzifugawzi Posts: 864
    I have missoula GA if anyone still needs it

    text me 77two-48zero-908three
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  • Mia11Mia11 Posts: 78
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    Edit - ticket obtained! 

    Hey there 

    looking for 1 GA for tonight (Seattle night 2)

    hopped on a last minute flight to Seattle and now this Canadian gal needs a ticket!

    pm or
    call/text 1-403-830-7110

    thanks :)
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  • Mia11Mia11 Posts: 78
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    Have extra GA for tonight. Looking to trade for wrigley but will sell
    PM sent!

    Interested in buying your GA ticket for Seattle 2 :)
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  • dcarlsonpjdcarlsonpj Minneapolis Posts: 55
    Have to trade - Wrigley Night 2 GA

    ISO-  Wrigley Night 1 GA

  • Please please please. My friend from nyc is here without GA ticket (i have mine). If anyone can help we would be most indebted. Peace and ❤️Love
  • One seat on floor P row 4 available for tonight’s show at face. Unfortunately, my Apple wallet isn’t giving me a transfer option so we would have to enter together. PM me if interested.
  • One seat on floor P row 4 available for tonight’s show at face. Unfortunately, my Apple wallet isn’t giving me a transfer option so we would have to enter together. PM me if interested.
    Interested. Ed
  • OkOk Posts: 2,137
    I have one extra transferrable 10C GA ticket for tonight's Seattle II show. Shoot me a DM if interested. Thanks! 
  • Ok said:
    I have one extra transferrable 10C GA ticket for tonight's Seattle II show. Shoot me a DM if interested. Thanks! 
    Text me at 951 271 2241 if you still have 
    All together now...
  • mschostokmschostok Chicago, ILPosts: 641
    Looking for one (1) Wrigley Night One ticket. PM me.
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  • URthekeyURthekey Posts: 1,307
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    For sale: 1 10C reserved for Wrigley . = SOLD 

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  • danlee1095danlee1095 Posts: 360
    URthekey said:
    For sale: 1 10C reserved for Wrigley N2,  FLDW.  Face value.

    Also looking to trade my Fenway N1 Box 7 Row A for your Wrigley N2 GA. Please , and Thank you!
    Message sent.
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  • iwasatpj20iwasatpj20 Rockford, ILPosts: 2,979
    Looking for a spare Fenway night two reserved.  PM if you have a spare available.
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  • mongowmongow Wimberley, TXPosts: 25
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    For Sale: 1 Missoula Ten Club GA Ticket
    Face value: $122.50
    PM if interested
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  • tusevuntusevun Posts: 189
    ISO: 1 Wrigley night 1 anywhere in the building. 
  • Kanye EastKanye East Posts: 768
    Looking for a pair for Boston night 1.
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  • aweisman10aweisman10 Posts: 103
    Need 2 for Wrigley night two: 8-20-18. Let me know, thanks! 
  • gotz idgotz id Posts: 125
    Looking for a pair of tickets for Boston Night #1!! THANK YOU!!
    I wish I was the 10Club holiday single, the one that never showed up...

  • maverickmaverick Posts: 1,056
    ISO one ticket for wrigley night 1.  Will PayPal immediately.  Please PM.  Thank you
  • dutz054dutz054 DallasPosts: 61
    Looking for 1 ticket to each night of Boston. 
  • DPrival78DPrival78 CTPosts: 2,250
    I've got 1 GA for Missoula if anyone needs.  Msg me if interested
    i'm more a fan of popular bands.. like the bee-gees, pearl jam
  • bolandmibolandmi CTPosts: 13
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    ISO 1 GA ticket for Chicago night 2. Thanks!

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  • JH19551JH19551 Posts: 12
    I just released my Missoula hotel reservation. Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn. 14065430700 Single king bed. Sunday and Monday nights.
    I know hotels are hard to come by, so I thought I'd post on this high traffic thread.
  • iwasthereiwasthere Posts: 505
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    Looking for a GA to either Wrigley show. Willing to do my part in holding down spot in lines. Will have my car with me so can help out w/ some transportation within reason.........

    ..........................I think this is where I say 420 friendly. Not saying you need to be but if we are going to be around each other, I'm not trying hide it. 
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