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Dying alone



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    kce8 said:
    Maybe we should ask TA to start it? We want a Singles thread, TA. Will you please start a positive Singles thread? :)

    I assume we have to wait, he might is sleeping already in Australia? :lol:
    Not if he didn't turn his phone volume down...all these notifications. He might be wide awake and :anguished: 
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    Hey all,
    I am super busy with homework so I will reply to everything here.
    Yes I totally agree that change comes from stepping outside our comfort zone.
    My problem on top of my anxiety is I don't trust people, I've been let down too many times that I don't feel optimistic with new people.
    As for that singles thread, I would but the notifications would drive me mad.
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  • PJ_Soul said:
    Join a meet up group man. It's not dating at all - it's just a group of people getting together to share common interests (lots of different kinds of groups to choose from), and to get to know each other, and maybe you meet someone who's a match while you're having fun socially. No pressure. Go here:

    Thanks. Yeah I know about that site all too well.
    A psychologist I was seeing on a weekly basis a few years ago kept asking me to join to get me to try overcome my social anxiety and loneliness but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't feel comfortable and optimistic about it. I believe it is what caused my psychologist to get frustrated at me and why it ended our relationship. 
    It's not about feeling comfortable. You are already doing what feels comfortable and you're unhappy and lonely. Changing your life will require doing what makes you uncomfortable.

    Often... I know you are ignoring me these days, but I have to say this is a really, really good post.

    (I think you got lucky!)
    "My brain's a good brain!"
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    I'm really grateful for this solo time I've had. Being alone can provide you with clarity you otherwise wouldn't discover. Esp. if you tend to let every facet of your life revolve around the one. I can see the problematic patterns better. It is easier to be honest with yourself about negative feedback you have received, once you have enough space. Basically, if you're an introvert, as I am, it's paradise. No more mental buffering... you get all the time in the world to mull, dissect, and digest.

    Anyway, there's my essay. *Trying to get lastexitlondon in the writing mood.*
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    Oops i forgot i will do that tonight
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