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    Had Stigmata on max in my car. Remember seeing that live with the movie screen of eyes flashing and al j hanging on to his antlered mic stand as I slowly walked out of venue for some air. STIGMATAAAAAAA. I'm likely one of the few to look at the tapes. This new joint that I checked out have reasonably priced records. Aside from the 150 slayer reign in blood. I asked the owner why? He said it's an og. In that case...want to buy mine for 100? Nfs m.therf.cker. Lol
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    Lou, I'm having acid flashbacks.  I saw them perform at Lollapalooza 1992.  My friends and I took some LSD and it totally kicked in, when Ministry took the stage.  I have never been so freaked out watching a band.  The lights and sound were intense!
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    Glad I could trigger that.

     I saw them then too. It was a day show so the intensity wasn't there.  I remember this girl running around the pit trying to get things going.

     Caught them a few times with revolting cocks. Told this story before. Was there with my gf. Ditched her for the pit (not nice). Right when revoting c took the stage the bouncers were not gaurding the stage yet. I rode the crowd, finding no bouncers, climbed onto the stage, knocked over a bottle of booze the had lined up, gave Al a high five and launched back into the crowd. That industrial music will wreck your brain. It was short lived but seemed to really mash together metal, hardcore, punk, new wave into a ball of yummy noise.
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    Loujoe said:

    I got one of those...

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    Really great. Lesser known stones b-sides are where it's at. Anyone buy a walkman lately? Looked and new ones are surprisingly $$.
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