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    jjpalicki said:

    I'm about to make a lot of people hate me for being so very spoiled last night, so except my apologies in advance. But this was my FIRST Pearl Jam show... But believe me, the magic of last night was not lost on me for a moment. It was the best night of my life, as I had been anticipating being able to attend a PJ show for years. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. As you all know, the setlist was UNBELIEVABLE!!... My first show, and I must accept now that I'll never see one that compares to that. I can't believe I was able to be a part of that...

    I am still riding a PJ high (as a kite) this morning. I'm sure all of you know damn well what that is like… Now I do too.

    Highlights of the setlist, for me (besides the obvious No Code from front to back): Lukin, Smile, Present Tense, Mankind (let Stone sing!), Brain of J (headbanged my face off), Bee Girl (was so BEAUTIFUL), okay I better stop before I list them all.

    One last song comment: Imagine... Was obviously special. During that song, they showed about ten people on the "jumbo" tron and 10/10 were crying. I think that entire building wept simultaneously.

    Best night of my life.

    It's cool that was your first show, but knowing that you will never go to a show as good as that one again sucks a little.
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  • Fuck
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    UNREAL!!!! So many love No Code as myself included...if I had to pick btween the 10 Lps to play like this ...Avacado b 1st, an No Code a close second...but complete honestly... Pick any Lp an it woulda been just as sweet... Thanks to all around us whom rocked til the end.. Even the wasted fans...(never seen such a continuos flow of people from the beer conc to their seats literally into the final encore)... I'll take wasted clean dressed 40 something's over drunk college a'holes any day ... An 99.9% of ya all made it til the end... An the solo dude whom drove up from Phoenix accross the aisle from my 16 yr old son an I... Even though u kept saying "your son don't know how lucky he is"... We appreciated the kind words... An for the record... He's a great kid an stood right with us rockin all nite... An ya, think he does know... Specially after the show 1st thing he said was "didn't get to hear I am Mine.,, but Off he goes is an equal swap"...he also said... "Think I only didn't know maybe 3 songs"... Peace y'all an well see ya in St Paul...
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    mcgruff10 said:

    knowing our luck someone probably forgot to hit "record" last night

    This might be appropriate versus bad luck.

    Such an intimate and unique show might be something owned only by those in house and only talked about by others.

    I'm really envious. Really envious.
    I really hope that is not the case....I've been to 5 shows, but with 3 being "event" shows I only have a boot for one. Really want this one, as I doubt it will ever be topped.
  • Hehehehehehehehehehe
    Free Boston Lou!!!!
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    Wish I could have been there!
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    You are right, mister! Greatest birthday present ever? It was good meeting you again!
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    Favorite album in order, that alone would have been enough.....thank you guys
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  • Here's my take on last night. It was my 88th show, and my 14th since Wrigley Field, and my final show this year. I have accepted some of the parts of modern-day Pearl Jam shows that I like the least, such as Ed's ridiculous banter, the annoying shout outs and song request banter, the predictable unpredictability of the second encores, and the ridiculous stage antics, but I always walk away from a show totally happy and glad I came.

    That said, it's been a while since my mind was fucking blown. Once the beginning of Who You Are started, I can't even fucking describe how stoked I was. The whole concept of playing albums front to back is something I really enjoy, and I would've enjoyed them doing this for any record, but I'm really glad it was No Code. When I think of No Code, it's signals the end of Pearl Jam's beginning and more easily accessible first three albums, and leads into my favorite three records, No Code, Yield, and Binaural. The significance of playing an album front to back that really alienated the casual fan, is pretty big, in my opinion.

    Wasn't perfect no, where there's some flubs, yes, but ignoring that, it was amazing.

    I haven't walked away from a show this excited in a long time and I really wish I could fit finish the rest of the shows on the tour but last night was it for me.

    PS... If I never have to hear Imagine again I'll be a happy man; That is the worst fucking song ever written. Fucking cheesy and trite shit.
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    Sec 112, row -17

    Did anyone else have to listen to the drunk fuckhead that kept screaming at Eddie during every break?
    Remember the Thomas Nine!! (10/02/2018)

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  • Just watched Moline on U Tube WOW! :-O
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    Last night was "unmolineable"!

    My uncle and I got the front row of section 114 and it was awesome, we had like 4 feet in front of us to jam the fuck out, I'm so sore today, the 2 guys next to us were going just as hard too, they rocked. When I realized what was happening with no code like most I couldn't believe it. Fuckin up was also huge for me. Garden, red mos and Fuckin up would probably be the #1 2 and 3 songs I would have asked to hear last night and I got them all. Thanks so much Pearl Jam and Moline!!!

    Now 11 hours back to PA.
  • I just pulled up Elderly on you tube..wow..if crowd was like that all night..awesome.
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    I know where my bootleg CODE is going when this boot drops
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    Took my daughter to her first show last night. Met a guy and his daughter from Canada that had great stories of past shows. Meeting them and a few other great people made the night perfect. No Code was crazy. Every time you think that's the best show ever those fuckers top themselves. Damn. I need tickets to Milwaukee. Thanks to nycrats for the nice trade. My daughter had a great time.
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    I just pulled up Elderly on you tube..wow..if crowd was like that all night..awesome.

    The crowd was fantastic. Had almost an MSG type of energy and volume in a much smaller venue. Ed said it felt like mushrooms coming on which I recall him saying at MSG when he could feel the stage shake. He probably says that a lot. But it really was an exceptional crowd.
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    hahahaaahhaaaaahahaha..best post ever
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    PJ_Soul said:

    Crazy!!!! Haven't been so impressed by a setlist... ever?

    What's that comment about only a few more opportunities left about? Like on the tour? .... i tend to take comments like that cryptically. :-S

    I interpreted that as just being that they were already in the first encore, so only a few songs left.
    They still have to play Toronto in 2015, after all.

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  • This show was one of the great experiences of my life. Getting to see/hear the guys play No Code front to back was fucking incredible. Never thought i would be lucky enough to hear Stone sing Mankind. My voice is completely shot but right now i couldnt care less. Still haven't come down from this experience. Last night only reaffirmed why i love this band so goddamn much.
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    On the flight home, yeah ill say whats already been said countless times: fucking WOW. I am rarely satiated on pj at a live show and thats just me being greedy bc they always produce, but last night i just couldnt believe what was happening. Porch is ending and then we still had 2 encores after that? My head was spinning. I felt, and still do feel, like i was on some heavy drug(i wasnt). Just an amazing experience. My buddy and i joked earlier in the day that the previous nights sow in detroit was filled with local musical references and recognition of the city's accomplishments in sports, history and culture, well what were they gonna say about moline? Its not like quad cities is known for its popular musical history with some obvious covers pj could play to tribute . Well How about just drop no code start to finish and the make up a moline song.

    Ill even out myself, i didnt realize what was going on at first. Ive heard sometimes, hail hail a few times before and i just love that 1-2 punch. Then was thinking who you are then in my tree, so cool to get those back to back, but embarassingly i didnt put 2 and 2 together to get 4. The guy behind me starts saying "here comes smile!" and in my head im like wtf is he going on about and then smile starts and i finally got it and my brain melted just a lot bit. Just love that album. Had ga floor and we were in the back of the pit by stone and just going nuts. Had tons of space to truly get down and enjoy. I did go pee during mankind, ive heard it before and while it makes me laugh a bit and tap my foot a little, hardly a favorite and used the opportunity. A lot of cool people in our area of the floor and pretty much everyone was ale to cross off around the bend off their lists. I agree with the comments that show had a fan club only vibe, everyone was into it and getting it (ok a few bros on the floor took like 1 or 14 too many selfies but they were having a good time and not really othering anyone).

    Random notes, was at a table of old and newly made pj friends pre show and we all threw 10 bucks in the pot to guess the opener and i dinged it w small town. (pats self on back)

    Ed seemed to take his gatorade wine bottle more last night than his wine-wine bottle where as detroit seemed the opposite.

    And this is whacky but we walked in around 7:30 or so and went to where the ga line entrance was. I guess they shut that down and some point but we just kept looking for where we thought it was and eventually we were at the back of the arena where a bunch of people were smoking and just opened those doors and walked in. Granted we had tickets but we inadvertantly "snuck in" the venue.

    Thanks pearl jam! Just the. Best. Fucking. Band.
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    No Code in complete order? @-)
    Ya sons of bitches!!!!!

    Can't wait to hear this later tonight.
    Sample is awesome!!! http://we.tl/XsyIUfDbeJ
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    CS218185 said:

    My 10th show and with that special number, I was hoping for a special show and PJ delivered! The band brought their "A"game. The crowd had great energy and the band did too. Pre show I was looking for a rarity (Bee Girl, check), a bucket list song ( Brain of J, check) and some Stone singing (Mankind, check). Unbelievable! And for them to bust out front to back No Code, I was in awe. It brought back memories of waiting in line at Positively 4th Street Records in Charleston for the midnight sale of this album. And for someone who has a gap between live shows of 1995-2004, it was great to catch songs from tours I missed. God I loved this band.

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    Jealous and pleased for everyone! No code my favourite album ever :D
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    I have post-LSD day tingles just thinking about this. Fan-fucking-fastic.
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  • First PJ show ever, and it went way beyond my expectations! The band and the crowd were amazing. We were on Mike's side about 5 rows deep ... it was an unbelievable night! Thanks to Tony and Scott for their hospitality both in line and in the GA pit.

    Lori from Rockford
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    Fuckin a man...glad to see them really mixing it up...challenging themselves...so awesome. Ive learned my lesson. I only went to memphis and i had the time and means to go to detroit and moline. I will add this to my list of shows i coulda shoulda went to and keep moving forward.
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    Really happy for those that were there and realized what they were hearing...., man.. That moment... you realized they're playing the entire album in order...wow..!! It blew my mind just following Dimi's setlist posts, can't imagine being there.... I'll join all you guys listening to the Boot... Come on Denver!
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    beach2112 said:

    First PJ show ever, and it went way beyond my expectations! The band and the crowd were amazing. We were on Mike's side about 5 rows deep ... it was an unbelievable night! Thanks to Tony and Scott for their hospitality both in line and in the GA pit.

    Lori from Rockford

    yeah.... you're hooked.... next ;)

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  • I heard Who You Are and Mankind during their sound check as I picked up my tickets at will call. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they were going to play No Code in its entirety. Un fucking real. So glad I made the drive from Chicago. Still speechless 18 hours later. Thank you PJ.

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