*** Moline Fanviews Here 10/17/14 ***



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    No Code
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  • This is forever the legendary No Code show .
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    It lived up to the hype. Unbelievable.
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    Well, didnt see that one coming. If anyone has an extra poster, I would be happy to buy one from you. The lines outside were a little weird, but that show totally lived up to the hype. Would love to get a poster to commemorate that. Please let me know.

    And wow.
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    What an EPIC night! I'll probably never see anything like that again... The crowd was amazing and the boys were feeding off that energy and running with it!
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    My 5th show and possibly the best. Brought my sister with me....her first PJ show. She was a fan in the early days but not as much since Vitalogy (though with enough taste in music to be somewhat aware of what they've done since). So the show up for me....as a fan that's going to know basically everything they play, it was incredible. Wrigley and PJ 20 -- epic events that they were -- won't feel as unique as this show did when I look back. Hearing No Code start to finish was amazing, but from there they tore through everything. These were by far the best seats I've had for a PJ show and the smaller venue made for a great night.

    My sister LOVED it. Said even though they played a lot of songs she didn't know that the energy and quality carried her through the songs she didn't know.

    I'll be counting the days until the bootleg comes out....can't wait to relive this one.
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    man... should have tried harder to get tix to this one... NO CODE... wow
  • My head is still spinning!!!
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    Crazy!!!! Haven't been so impressed by a setlist... ever?

    What's that comment about only a few more opportunities left about? Like on the tour? .... i tend to take comments like that cryptically. :-S
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    just got home (almost 3am).

    holy fucking shit. three tracks into no code, my favorite pearl jam album, i started yelling "this is impossible!" and "this can't really be happening" to my friend who gave me his extra 10c ticket. by the fourth track i was jumping up and down, stamping my feet in disbelief and flat-out joy.

    my 5th pj show and i don't know how it can be topped. ed's moline song and bee girl were icing on the cake. just saw love reign o'er me was written on the set right where i had told my friend they should play it.... pj felt the vibe of that room and played with more excitement and enthusiasm than I've ever seen from them. it was amazing. minneapolis and milwaukee have a lot to live up to.
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    That was my first GA floor. Have to say it was amazing to see how everyone reacted when we realized they were playing No Code in order. Almost a state of disbelief. And then Ed mentioned that they had only done it once before. Was amazing. Went to the bathroom during Even Flow and must have heard 20 people talking, mumbling "No Code." Won't ever forget that show.
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    NO CODE :-O !!!


    What a show!! 8-} wow wow wow WOW! :D

    --- Forgot to add "Moline" your own song! And audibles!--- whoa! =P~
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    Oh please let it rain today.
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    WOW!!!!!!..lucky f**ers..
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    Made the trip down with my wife from Brainerd, MN for 23rd show (told her it was my Michael Jordan show and it would be special.) When we realized No Code was being played we got very emotional, we both had tears streaming down our face throughout. Most people around us didn't know what was happening. Our seats were dead center, 2nd row from top, we were just happy to be there. I think I was most excited when I realized around the bend was going to happen. That has always been a special song to us. We slow danced to it when we first met in fall 1997. Fast forward 17 years and we were able slow dance to it live and share a very magical moment. Thanks Kaylo!

    You could tell the guys were a little tense in pulling it off. With a lot of instrument changes and a handful of songs that are not played often, it was very impressive. I liked when Ed noted "that's the end of side one." When finished, you could feel the band loosen up and they went on to tear the roof off the place. Got 5 new songs tonight. This band continues to amaze me. Every time I feel a concert experience can't be equaled, they eventually surpass it. It is dangerous though, like a drug, but I don't care, I've got to have it.

    Thank you Pearl Jam for a legendary and historical performance! Here's to many many more. See you in St. Paul! Peace

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    HOLY SHIT!!! =P~
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    Truly unbelievable. I think most of us here assumed it would be a special show for any number of reasons, but find me somebody that expected anything like this and I will find you the biggest liar on this planet. It was a mindfuck of the highest order, and the fact that so many lifelong fans were left in stunned silence speaks volumes about this band. I'll never forget it.

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  • Just cannot believe this set-list.
    throwing in bee girl, garden, brain of J, in hiding, gone as well. Incredible.

    Just when you think you've got this band sussed out they go and do this.
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  • oh I have to trespass the rules,since I didn't attend and leave my share of gratitude to the BAND. How much love do you guys still hold for us?!!! I love you!
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    Amazing watching the setlist relay, cant wait for the official boot. Lucky ppl in Moline
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    Wow, just Wow!!!!
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me

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    what was the special occasion ?
  • ha! ha! lovin the posts on this thread, i think maybe the leeds show has just been topped, congrats to all who attended. Pearl Jam just the best. Lets hope the boys have already got plenty of material for next album :)
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    we want the boot
    PRONTO :)
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    Sea said:

    Pearl Jam
    iWireless Center
    Moline, IL
    Oct. 17, 2014
    Set List
    Band Onstage 08:18
    Band Offstage 11:17
    Pearl Jam plays the complete  “No Code” album in order.

    01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
    02. Sometimes
    03. Hail Hail
    (Mike plays Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick’s checkerboard guitar while Jeff plays his custom checkerboard bass designed to look like Rick’s guitar.)
    04. Who You Are
    05. In My Tree
    06. Smile
    07. Off He Goes
    (“Alright, end of side one.”)
    08. Habit
    09. Red Mosquito
    10. Lukin (with quiet guitar intro)
    11. Present Tense
    (The song starts off with Mike’s guitar in the wrong tuning so the band stops.  Ed jokes that they are just going to cut that out.  He re introduces Stone and they start the song again.)
    12. Mankind 
    13. I’m Open
    14. Around The Bend
    15. Given To Fly
    (Ed says that to his recollection they have only played a complete album once before in 1991.   He is grateful that the audience let them play an entire album tonight and now Ed doesn’t know what to play.)  Note, for those keeping track the band played the complete Avocado album in Torino, Italy on Sept. 19, 2006 but not in order.)
    16. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
    17. Corduroy
    18. Mind Your Manners
    19. Brain Of J (Ed starts off singing “Norwegian Wood” but only gets a line or two out before Mike starts playing Brain Of J.)
    20. Infallible
    (Ed asks Mike if that was Rick Nielsen’s guitar he was playing earlier and was it still around?  Mike affirms that it was and he is planning on playing it on one more song later.  Ed asks Mike if he wants to trade Rick’s guitar for one of Ed’s.)
    21. Even Flow
    22. Gone
    23. Garden
    24. Porch (Ed goes out into the middle of the audience to sing the end of the song)

    Encore Break 1

    (Ed has written a brand new song for the people of Moline but since he wrote it just ten minutes before they went on stage tonight so he needs a few minutes to try and remember it.  After playing around for a bit he seems to have it recalled and starts to play.  He says he can’t see so he has Kille turn up the lights a bit.  He explains what the song is about and how it relates to Better Man)
    25. Moline (New song written just for tonight. Played by Ed solo)
    26. Bee Girl (for Ally, a young girl going to her first concert) 
    (Ed thanks the Pearl Jam crew.  He knows they are excited about coming to places they have never been to before like Moline.  “We are going to be talking about Moline for a long time.”  He encourages the audience to sing along since there are only a few more opportunities left)
    27. Imagine-(Lennon)
    28. In Hiding
    29. Lightning Bolt
    30. Do The Evolution
    31. Jeremy
    32. Why Go

    Encore Break 2

    33. Eruption-(Van Halen)
    34. Alive
    35. Fuckin’ Up-(Young)
    36. Yellow Ledbetter
    (after saying good night Ed realizes that they skipped playing Sirens and they had some requests and dedications.  Ed lists some of the requests and Ed also thanks some folks that they have worked with for a long time.)

    Please share your experiences of the show here...the Fanview threads are preserved on the board.

    Please keep the Fanview threads for Fanviews. It's ok to begin another thread on discussions of other topics and/or debates.

    Thank you!

    Unbelievable...No Code is my favorite...they did play Avocado front to back in order that night in Italy though.

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    Sitting at the Moline airport awaiting a flight to MSP, and just starting to process that unbelievable show. I've been to 30 something shows, so you expect to check off a new song every third show, maybe.

    I have to admit that I didn't realize what was happening until Smile, but then had the biggest grin on my face knowing that we were going to get Mankind, I'm Open and Around the Bend. I was actually worried for a bit that they would cut it off after Present Tense. What an amazing surprise.

    There were lots of people on these boards lamenting how the rest of the shows could never measure up after a great set in Detroit. Have faith, fellow jammers. With this band, no set list is the best of all time for long.
  • What summed it up best was that post someone made in the setlist thread-- the photo of PJ looking confidently into the camera and the caption "We just.... Mindfucked you." :D
  • iracohen87iracohen87 TorontoPosts: 3
    Still can't believe this was real...
  • marilormarilor St Etienne, FrancePosts: 618
    It seems to be unreal ! the entire album ! i'm jealous...Lucky bastards ! These guys are the best !
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  • Cannot wait for this boot!!!! ^:)^ =D> =D> =D>
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  • marilormarilor St Etienne, FrancePosts: 618
    A group rate maybe ??? :D
    "We were but stones, ...Your light made us stars"
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