*** Moline Fanviews Here 10/17/14 ***

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Pearl Jam
iWireless Center
Moline, IL
Oct. 17, 2014
Set List
Band Onstage 08:18
Band Offstage 11:17
Pearl Jam plays the complete  “No Code” album in order.

01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02. Sometimes
03. Hail Hail
(Mike plays Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick’s checkerboard guitar while Jeff plays his custom checkerboard bass designed to look like Rick’s guitar.)
04. Who You Are
05. In My Tree
06. Smile
07. Off He Goes
(“Alright, end of side one.”)
08. Habit
09. Red Mosquito
10. Lukin (with quiet guitar intro)
11. Present Tense
(The song starts off with Mike’s guitar in the wrong tuning so the band stops.  Ed jokes that they are just going to cut that out.  He re introduces Stone and they start the song again.)
12. Mankind 
13. I’m Open
14. Around The Bend
15. Given To Fly
(Ed says that to his recollection they have only played a complete album once before in 1991.   He is grateful that the audience let them play an entire album tonight and now Ed doesn’t know what to play.)  Note, for those keeping track the band played the complete Avocado album in Torino, Italy on Sept. 19, 2006 in order.)
16. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
17. Corduroy
18. Mind Your Manners
19. Brain Of J (Ed starts off singing “Norwegian Wood” but only gets a line or two out before Mike starts playing Brain Of J.)
20. Infallible
(Ed asks Mike if that was Rick Nielsen’s guitar he was playing earlier and was it still around?  Mike affirms that it was and he is planning on playing it on one more song later.  Ed asks Mike if he wants to trade Rick’s guitar for one of Ed’s.)
21. Even Flow
22. Gone
23. Garden
24. Porch (Ed goes out into the middle of the audience to sing the end of the song)

Encore Break 1

(Ed has written a brand new song for the people of Moline but since he wrote it just ten minutes before they went on stage tonight so he needs a few minutes to try and remember it.  After playing around for a bit he seems to have it recalled and starts to play.  He says he can’t see so he has Kille turn up the lights a bit.  He explains what the song is about and how it relates to Better Man)
25. Moline (New song written just for tonight. Played by Ed solo)
26. Bee Girl (for Ally, a young girl going to her first concert) 
(Ed thanks the Pearl Jam crew.  He knows they are excited about coming to places they have never been to before like Moline.  “We are going to be talking about Moline for a long time.”  He encourages the audience to sing along since there are only a few more opportunities left)
27. Imagine-(Lennon)
28. In Hiding
29. Lightning Bolt
30. Do The Evolution
31. Jeremy
32. Why Go

Encore Break 2

33. Eruption-(Van Halen)
34. Alive
35. Fuckin’ Up-(Young)
36. Yellow Ledbetter
(after saying good night Ed realizes that they skipped playing Sirens and they had some requests and dedications.  Ed lists some of the requests and Ed also thanks some folks that they have worked with for a long time.)

Please share your experiences of the show here...the Fanview threads are preserved on the board.

Please keep the Fanview threads for Fanviews. It's ok to begin another thread on discussions of other topics and/or debates.

Thank you!
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  • Gern BlanstenGern Blansten Your Mom's Posts: 17,185
    Just unreal... Present Tense was epic
    Remember the Thomas Nine !! (10/02/2018)

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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPRO Posts: 139,079
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    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
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  • RiotZactRiotZact Posts: 6,188
    Fucking awesome! I can't come down from this high right now!
  • wwsuicidewwsuicide Posts: 1,277
    No Code. Front to back. Un fuking real!!!
  • YLed2YLed2 Des Moines, IA Posts: 5,534
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  • No code album in order. No fcking way!! How do they keep getting better and better each night?!
  • No code. Fuck me in the brain
  • Just got back to the hotel ... all I can say is: F'ing UNREAL!!!!
    No words to describe tonight.
    Thanks Moline ... Thanks Pearl Jam for an EPIC show!!!!
  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of Chicago Posts: 4,808
    Wow, the guys were in a great mood tonight
  • VedHeadVedHead Rockford,IL,USA Posts: 407
    Wow. Stone's side 3-4 "rows" back in GA. Got a pick. Unfucking real. Was worried Detroit the night before was the peak, but this show was intense. Band seemed genuinely impressed by the crowd and it seemed to give them energy. Glad to be a part of it!
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPRO Posts: 139,079
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
    “..That came up on the Pillow Case...This is for the Greek, With Our Apologies.....”
  • 30+ shows and I'm having a difficult time processing this one. It was unfucking-believable. It felt like a 10 Club only show, similar to The Vic.
  • given2fly23given2fly23 Evanston, IL Posts: 5,831
    That was simply incredible. Right when who you are started I gestured "3 in a row" to my brother and you knew it was on! Amazing. A real nod to the fans that this was not for the casual fan. A full album that has no hits on it.

    Thank you again...Pearl Jam.
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  • jfconnorjrjfconnorjr Posts: 516
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    I have been really critical of the last few shows I have been to, but this was amazing!!
    From the beginning to the end there was a big smile on my face. The crowd was great, the band sounded great, Ed was great, it was ideal!
    Still trying to process it.
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  • jnikojniko Posts: 284
    Best show ever
  • Having post show brews near the venue. My 15th show and this may have been the most fun one yet. Can't even totally process it yet. Thank you PJ.
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  • My 20th show and I can't believe how fucking good it was. No Code!
  • lbpeltzlbpeltz Posts: 98
    What the motherfucking fuck?
  • coco buttercoco butter Posts: 1,416
    Wow. Just... Wow.
    Do you know what it's like to fall in the mud and get kicked... in the head... with an iron boot? Of course you don't, no one does. It never happens. Sorry, Ted, that's a dumb question... skip that.
  • Lol @everyone who said this show was over hyped. NO FUCKING CODE!!!!!! PEACE
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 HTOWN Posts: 37,211
    Instant Classic!!
  • TJ25487TJ25487 Posts: 1,445
    Holy shit what just happened??? For those that have No Code on the top of their list this must have been amazing! Congrats people.
  • Completely perfect.
  • llessuRllessuR Posts: 195
    Shutup and take my money!
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  • Awesome show, listening to it right now!
  • adusickadusick Posts: 1,367
    Best album, best night, I don't know what to say. I'm still in shock. I live in Minneapolis and am pumped for the St. Paul show, but I don't know how they could ever top this. I love you Moline.
  • Unbelievable! Yes, this show was hyped by us from the beginning.... But never would have predicted it would be THIS amazing! Can't even think.... Great way to spend my 44th bday, and 21 years with my wife.... We were in GA about 9 rows back right in front of Mike. !!!!
  • Two deep right in front of McCready... Absolutely amazing show, 9th for me. Band was in great form, and that setlist? Just WOW. Amazing!
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  • Wow great show even getting our car towed out of the parking lot can't ruin the buzz from that....amazing!
  • Unbelievable! Yes, this show was hyped by us from the beginning.... But never would have predicted it would be THIS amazing! Can't even think.... Great way to spend my 44th bday, and 21 years with my wife.... We were in GA about 9 rows back right in front of Mike. !!!!

    Are you the one Ed talked about at the very end? He joked that turning 40 is no big deal then said 20 years of marriage is a very big deal..
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