Post Here If You Got (or Gave) Pearl Jam Merch for Christmas

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Got my wife the ladies Future Days shirt from the 10C shop. She loves it!
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  • ckravitzckravitz NJPosts: 1,666
    Got the black long sleeve bullseye shirt, ten club hat, and Vs/Vitalogy Deluxe. Three weeks ago I got an early gift in the form of the RVM vinyl.
  • RobbyD462RobbyD462 Victoria BCPosts: 4,707
    My GF got me a gift card for the shop
    Hope they release something good in the new year!
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  • Wife getting Ten Club Hoody and PJ buffalo tee!!! Daughter getting Ten Club Hoody as well!!!
  • SVRDhand13SVRDhand13 NYCPosts: 24,237
    Got my wife the ladies Future Days shirt from the 10C shop. She loves it!

    I got that for my gf and she got me the bolted hoodie :)
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  • northerndragonnortherndragon somewhere, nowhere, anywherePosts: 9,678
    Got all the nieces and nephew shirts/onesies a mixture of the swallowed whole and the orcas. Everyone else got me the understanding that there would be no presents cause I blew my money on two unbelievable PJ shows three weeks before Christmas :lol:
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  • Who I AmWho I Am Posts: 608
    Wife framed a picture of me in front of Eddie on the rail with stub and setlist. Friggin rocks!!!!

    Merry Xmas all!!!!
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  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South JerseyPosts: 8,288
    I got some lumps of coal but if you move them around and look at them at just the right angle, they spell out a "P" and a "J". If I put it on ebay, you know one of you would buy it too
  • deftonesdeftones Athens, GreecePosts: 2,441
    My red LB to a really special friend of mine. Hope won't read this before receive it! Plus some stickers and an EV 7" to other friends.
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  • TO42596TO42596 The NetherlandsPosts: 99
    No merch, but gave my brother my extra 10c GA for Berlin. He just moved there and this will be his first PJ show!
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  • F5AgainstOneF5AgainstOne New Hampshire, USAPosts: 1,462
    Wife got me a 7" single of immortality, made into a clock. Nice addition to my home office.
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 32,162
    Gave all 3 siblings a copy of Lightning Bolt. :D
  • cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 5,619
    Daughter got me a really cool Eddie poster
  • MedozKMedozK TennesseePosts: 7,268


    Merry Christmas to Me :D

    Thanks - You know who you are :)
  • Got my wife the ladies Future Days shirt from the 10C shop. She loves it!

    me too :D
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  • I received a nicely framed Memphis Orpheum poster from my bud that took me to the show last(?) Thanksgiving eve. I am still speechless. I am giving a lightning bolt vinyl to another friend.
  • PJArtistPJArtist New OrleansPosts: 542
    My daughter gave me a Pearl Jam scarf and old Brisbane poster. Even though I already have scarf (and don't mind getting another one) and I never went to the Brisbane show, these were very nice gifts. She's not even a fan
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  • ldent42ldent42 NYCPosts: 7,843
    I bought myself the digital download MP3 of Hartford and Baltimore. This counts right? :lol:
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    I got a Ten Club Membership! So, yes this is my first post on these here boards! I'll give you guys a little intro. I had always been a fan of their music growing up, but really had only been familiar with their radio hits, and was too young to have seen them in their heyday in the 90's (I'm currently 21). Watching PJ20 on a whim really piqued my interest in the band, and I had to see them live. Roadtripped down to Atlanta last fall to see them for the first time at Music Midtown festival. As soon as the gates opened on Saturday, my buddy and I sprinted to the front of the stage that PJ was playing at that night and camped there all day, so full of excitement and anticipation. Seeing them front row for my first show was needless to say a near-religious experience, and I got to get up close and personal with Eddie during Porch! After it was over, one fan who I assumed to be a seasoned vet in seeing the boys live was a bit upset that he got a "greatest hits" show, but for someone like myself who wasn't really familiar with their back catalog yet, it was absolutely perfect! Since then I have delved into their entire discography, and I was so stoked when they announced they were coming to my home state of NC to play in Charlotte for the Lightning Bolt tour, which was a great show with a much more diverse set list. The only thing disappointing was my seats, as I was obviously a bit farther away from my first show, sitting in the upper level because I could only get tickets through the public on-sale. But now, no longer! I'm just hoping that they add more US dates for 2014 (preferably one in NC ;) ) so I can put this membership to good use! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you guys, glad to be a part of the Ten Club!
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  • HobbesHobbes Pacific NorthwestPosts: 4,249
    I got a Ten Club Membership!

    The gift that keeps on giving :wave:

    The girlfriend got me a 10C gift card :D
  • JedJed New York CityPosts: 655
    I got a 1921 edition of the Vitalogy Encyclopedia of Health and Home book. It's in pretty good shape almost 1000 pages and really interesting to look through. It's such a great gift because I never even thought to consider buying one, but it's an amazing collectors item.
  • I got 3/4 of the wrigley posters. :)

    Now I am on the lookout for the Ames print.
  • Acesn8sAcesn8s Posts: 186
    I bought myself a PJ Spawn poster for Christmas. Mele Kalikimaka!
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  • PRL1JAMPRL1JAM Posts: 756
    received a new hoodie for Christmas

  • I got a sweet black Green Disease long sleeve, v neck shirt with the skull on it! I've seen it before, sweet shirt!
  • Dropped my recent Vancouver Poster at the framers on Monday. will look great with double mat, ticket stub and Mike Fucking McCready pick set. $200 touch so a little splurge for myself!

    will also drop off my Seattle uncut PJ/Riot Act and Wrigley billboard later this week. Thanks for the Christmas cash Santa!

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  • I got my friends copies of the pitt boot. Their first pj show.
    10/11/13 consol energy center pittsburgh
  • Dead Man WalkingDead Man Walking Toronto-ishPosts: 2,716
    My sister's boyfriend gave me a Red Lightning Bolt (he was one of the lucky ones who was shipped a red and a replacement red automatically) and my wife gave me a 10c gift card. Both will be put to good use.

    I gave my sister's boyfriend an entire set of leg two show stickers from this past tour. I think we did alright. :)
  • groovemegrooveme Posts: 353
    I gave my husband the Pittsburgh boot and sticker as a memento from our trip there and the show. Got myself the VS/Vitalogy "deluxe" set.
  • cutzcutz Posts: 8,498
    I got the 1991 X-Mas single (Let Me Sleep), from PJ_SOUL.

    I now have all of the X-Mas singles.> :D

    THANK YOU PJ_SOUL :!: :!:
  • LoveBoatCaptainDaveLoveBoatCaptainDave san antonio,txPosts: 444
    merry christmas all!! i was lucky enough to receive a $100 gift card from my brother! cant wait to spend it!! :lol::lol:
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