Post Here If You Got (or Gave) Pearl Jam Merch for Christmas



  • 23scidoo23scidoo Thessaloniki,GreecePosts: 13,039
    my order shipping on 19th of girlfriend's birthday was in 29th of december..
    i know greece it's little bit far from states..
    but 40 days it's not enough..??
    the santa is late.. :cry::cry:
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  • DivkaDivka Posts: 191
    I gave my brother and sister iPod shuffles with all the PJ albums and bought them memberships to the Ten Club. They are 10 and 12 years younger than me and are recent converts :mrgreen: They have each been to 2 shows with me - my sister to KC in '10 and Phoenix this tour, and my brother to Missoula in '12 and to San Diego on this tour. (My sister's iPod also has her KC show, and my brother's has his Missoula show) We all have said that we wish we could all go to a show together, so after this tour they decided they wanted 10C memberships also, so they could enter GA drawings in hopes of getting the same show. So I helped them out and started the memberships for them.

    My sister gave me one of those big picture frames with a bunch of smaller frames within it and picked out pictures I took at shows this tour to fill it will. Awesome.
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  • Pearl Jam 20 - DVD and book
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  • landolando Posts: 661
    Vancouver 2013 poster from my wife to be
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  • FaithfulOneFaithfulOne Bend, OregonPosts: 37
    I gave 2 Needle shirts and 1 Diamond PJ Patch shirt… My wife got me a lightly used Binaural vinyl!
  • PredakingPredaking Posts: 256
    oysterjar said:

    Predaking" said:
    Got a very generous gift card from the wife. I am 1/3 of the way to the 2013 boots boxed set! Once my commission checks roll in its on!
    Hopefully you don't get the Jelly of The month club instead Clark.

    Ha! I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • evsgjammevsgjamm Posts: 1,896
    I've mind-warped my 21 year old cousin over the last year into a 90's alternative music junkie. Brought him to the show in Calgary this year and he was beside himself with joy the entire time. Found out by fluke that "Into the Wild" changed his life forever. He didn't even know it's connection to PJ. SO, when I drove 8 hours to be home for Xmas and went over to the Aunt & Uncles place for dinner on Xmas Eve, who did I see walking in behind me as I strolled up to the door, but my cuz. I told him "Hey, wanna go for a ride?" and he said "yup!" Fittingly so, I forgot ONE gift back at my parents place. We hopped in the truck, scooted over to my folks pad, I jumped out quickly (advising him to stay in the truck) and when I returned I handed him a small wrapped gift. He opened up the soundtrack to Into the Wild and was absolutely filled with joy. So, we burned around town, listened to a couple tracks, then made our way back to the party. He's a good kid. Maybe one day he'll be on the boards here.
    Also got my GF a sexy little black tank from the 10C shop. Dayyyyyyaammmmmm I love weekend morning coffees even more.
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  • jeff2040jeff2040 Des Moines, IAPosts: 1,522
    I gave my fiancé the women's future days shirt and she surprised me with some Pearl Jam cufflinks to wear at our wedding in October.
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  • morellomorello Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 6,191
    I got my boyfriend(for a combined birthday & Christmas present) a ticket to our Big Day Out festival that PJ are playing at in less than 2 weeks!!!! :D
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  • SVRDhand13SVRDhand13 NYCPosts: 24,237
    I've been wearing my bolted hoodie nonstop
    severed hand thirteen

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  • I got Lightning Bolt, VS, and Vitalogy on Vinyl from my mom, as well as the Future Days tour from my Brother :D
    11/26/13 Oakland
  • nooramnooram Posts: 340
    edited January 2014
    I gave my girlfriend a Future Days tank
    She loved it!
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  • thebrigthebrig Posts: 389
    Wife bought me the Super Deluxe Vs/Vitalogy Boxset and the White LB t-shirt. Been after that set since it was released -stoked to have it finally!! :)
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