***Rock For EB 9/15/13 Fanviews***

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Sea, How about a Rock For EB 9/15/13 Fanview Thread?
Would be nice to have the set memorialized!
We'd love to read your Fanviews, go for it. :) - Kat

We write this while still in a showtime high, following a most special performance tonight.

The setting: a beautiful Malibu home amongst other beautiful homes, expansive lawn, overlooking the ocean, a crystal-clear sky, with the bright moon lighting the way.

The people: a mix of everyday people, and unbelievable A+ list celebrities. This was a private event, and social media, photos and recordings were discouraged. Out of respect for that I will only mention the celebrities involved in the show. (Kat and/or Sea, if you think I have disclosed too much, I apologize and understand deletion or editing.)

Zach Galifianakis leads off with a short and blazing set of one liners, that has Eddie laughing hard off stage.

The set:
1. Can’t Keep
Ed jokes about Zach’s beard.
2. Without You
3. Trouble (Cat Stevens)
Ed jokes about there being no noise complaints yet.
4. Hide Your Love Away (Lennon-McCartney)
5. Just Breathe
Ed jokes about the Willie Nelson version, and does spot-on impersonation.
Ed jokes about Zach being in Into the Wild.
6. Far Behind
Ed throws throws a pick into the audience and jokes about pretending he is at a rock show.
7. Guaranteed
Ed jokes about his daughter asking about the bear in Into the Wild.
8. Picture in a Frame (Tom Waits)
Ed jokes about a songwriting story involving Tim Robbins and ingestion of a gift from mother nature while listening to Pink Floyd.
9. Wishlist
While mandolin is being tuned by George*, Ed kills the audience with a Barry White impersonation.
10. Unthought Known
11. You Belong to Me (Rose & David), with Catherine Keener
12. The Kids are Alright (The Who), with Adam Sandler
13. Shattered (Rolling Stones), with Jeanne Tripplehorn singing as Julie Andrews (a highlight of the set)
14. The New World (X), with Tim Robbins
15. Golden State (John Doe), with Natalie Maines
16. You Can Close Your Eyes (James Taylor), with Natalie Maines
17. Hard Sun (kids come out and play along with the tambourines).

*We had a nice talk with a very friendly George Webb before the show about the Wrigley Field cards, and the fact that his is hardest to obtain. Rumor is there were only 400 of his cards made.

** Eddie, Natalie and all others were incredibly gracious and friendly after the show.

We are beyond thankful and appreciative for the opportunity we were given to support this important cause and attend this beautiful event.
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  • Yaaaaaaaay! I'll give it a try, thanks.
  • Given to...Given to... Wyoming Posts: 4,955
    Patiently waiting for someones first hand review of this shin-dig!
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  • It is tonight, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'll do my best to track the setlist while enjoying the show, and I'll post afterward.
    Patiently waiting for someones first hand review of this shin-dig!
  • Sold out - bummer - how much we're tix? Song list please after show!!!
  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South Jersey Posts: 9,013
    The healing power of music...incredible....
    Thanks EV for continuing to inspire
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    This sounds as if it was amazing. Lucky you, Sane Mary, for being able to attend. :)
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    Thanks for posting Sane Mary! Just reading it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Lucky you to be there and awesome to support the cause.
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    Thanks for posting, seems like it was a very special evening!
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    Link to Getty Images of the event from Heal EB's facebook page:

    http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Searc ... ck+Malibu+
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    Awesome set of songs for the night.

    That is an incredible 'A-list' too. I enjoy each and every one of them that are shown in the GettyImages pages. Looks like Hollywood was well represented... Nice that there weren't any morons in the mix.

    Edit: okay one moronic star in David Spade could not ruin that much dazzle! And to have all of those 'duets' with Ed... Wow!
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    Adam sandler?!! Whoa
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • demetriosdemetrios Canada Posts: 84,756
    Thanks for posting Sane Mary! :)
  • demetrios wrote:
    Thanks for posting Sane Mary! :)

    No thanks to me is necessary at all. I am so thankful and appreciative to have had the opportunity to attend. I've been a part of this Pearl Jam community since the beginning, and the music is a part of my daily life and that of my family and many friends. I felt the duty to report this event on to others in this community because if I didn't go, I'd want to know!

    Despite the incredible celebrity attendance, the group I was in, non-celebrity FANS, were placed front and center - with the famous behind us. Ed and all of Pearl Jam care about their fans, and naturally, that increases our love for them.

    Heal EB, Jill and Ed, I cannot thank you enough for the experience.
  • how long until we get a petition on the Porch for this boot? :lol:
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  • BrainofBGABrainofBGA Australia Posts: 3,707
    how long until we get a petition on the Porch for this boot? :lol:

    And all the $$ raised could help out this very worthy cause ! :)
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    Wow, sounds like it was a fantastic evening

    Gotta love Ed for putting this on too, what a guy
  • How much did you have to donate for a ticket?
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    Sounds truly amazing! Great cause as well!
    I've been fortunate enough to see Pearl Jam live.

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  • What I wouldn't give to hear that Barry White impression!
    Great cause, fantastic review!
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  • I'm so happy this delightful performance was memorialized! This is only one of the many brilliant nuggets that night.
    I'm hoping the show is released and sold to raise funds for HealEB.
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