Charlotte NC Roll Call



  • pj66jppj66jp Posts: 41
    Got reserved
  • Vytis33Vytis33 Posts: 182
    Count me in! Ok, now who's planning the pre-show party??
  • Lost Charlotte GAs with Choice # 2, got reserved with Choice #4! See y'all there!
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  • PorchsitterPorchsitter Loganville, GAPosts: 989
    Got GA as my first priority of only two (the other being Reserved naturally). I couldn't be happier as this was really my only shot for this leg/tour. Truly pumped!
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  • Missed GA as #1 but scored reserved as #2 choice. Already booked at the Hilton.
  • Wow! Just got the GA confirmation! My brother and I will be attending our first PJ show together in the pit! Now I need to book plane tickets and I STILL NEED A WRIGLEY TICKET! Flying into Chicago on Fri from Vegas. Hopefully the black jack gods will reward me with a stack of $100's.......good luck to all and cant wait to rock the shit out of Charlotte!
  • GC31608GC31608 GAPosts: 160
    Just received confirmation about GA for Charlotte and fingers crossed for GA in Seattle!!!

    Looking forward to seeing some of you in Chicago.
  • Pearl Jam_iePearl Jam_ie Posts: 821
    Scored our 1st choice of GA standing for Charlotte!

    Looking forward to seeing your state for the first time, and consider my wife and I in for any and all pre-party action! :D
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  • bfbeck3bfbeck3 Posts: 22
    GA STANDING! Pumped
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    Columbia '16
  • got GA, my 1st choice. :D
  • Last-12-ExitLast-12-Exit Charleston, SCPosts: 8,661
    I need hotel recommendations near time warner cable arena.
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  • iiseeiisee Charlotte, NCPosts: 485
    My wife and I BOTH scored Charlotte Reserved tix with our 10C numbers! Wow...musta been our lucky day! Especially since we won Feild/Lower Bowl for Wrigley for the BIG show this Friday! I'm buying an ACTUAL Lotto ticket!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  • be there.
    with mother fucking bells on.
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  • Staceb10Staceb10 Posts: 682
    I got reserved as well. My 1st choice was GA but 2nd was reserved.
  • mysticweedmysticweed Posts: 3,669
    Staceb10 wrote:
    I got reserved as well. My 1st choice was GA but 2nd was reserved.

    same here
    see you all there
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  • R-Dub81R-Dub81 Posts: 374
    got reserved tickets. Cant wait. last year, my fiance and i went to the Atlanta show. happened 1 year minus a day from our upcoming wedding. this will be our first show as a married couple.
    her first was Columbia 08. great times!
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  • MaxGoldenrodMaxGoldenrod Posts: 1,339
    I'm in! Got reserved as my 2nd choice, but hey, at least I'm in the building!
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  • mwmorrisonmwmorrison Posts: 40
    Staceb10 wrote:
    I got reserved as well. My 1st choice was GA but 2nd was reserved.

    +1. See you guys there.
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  • lolobugglolobugg BLUE RDGE MTNSPosts: 7,848
    Now that it's official- See you guys in Charlotte!!!

    Reserved tickets- 1st choice.

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  • critteraucritterau Posts: 144
    Didn't get confirmation until after I was asleep, but I'm now officially in for Charlotte GA!
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  • BP5776BP5776 Posts: 25
    Got GA as my first priority of only two (the other being Reserved naturally). I couldn't be happier as this was really my only shot for this leg/tour. Truly pumped!

    Same thing I did - with the same results!

    See ya'll here in the QC! Looking forward to the party plans - please keep this updated.

    Bringing a first timer again, huge fan just never got to see PJ. I have kept him alive with the boots of all the shows I have been to, so we are PSYCHED!! 8-)
    I had a false belief that I came here to stay...
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  • THE LOOKTHE LOOK Posts: 324
    Reserved....thank you Easter Bunny...bawk bawk!
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  • EvenstevenEvensteven Posts: 864
    My wife and I will be in GA from Atlanta.
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  • know1know1 Posts: 6,554
    Who is staying where? Hotels look pretty pricey near the arena. I booked the Holiday Inn right there near the venue, but it wasn't too cheap.
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  • pearljammer23pearljammer23 Pinehurst, NCPosts: 22
    edited July 2013
    I'm there. Reserved section. We need to have a meet-up before the show.
    We are staying at the Doubletree near the arena.
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  • he.who.forgetshe.who.forgets Posts: 4,584
    Lost out on GA, but scored reserved! No complaints. See yall in NC!
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  • AllspreadAllspread Posts: 28
    See you all there -

    Unless it has changed since last year, Time Warner is a TOUGH place to get a beer. They do not sell alcohol on the floor. If you have a GA pit ticket, you are going to have to walk all the way through the back of the floor, and all the way to the top of the 100 level to the concourse and then stand in line with the entire arena to get a drink. Long, long lines.

    If one of the Charlotte locals will chime in this has changed, I'll be happy to hear it -
  • a5pja5pj Hershey PAPosts: 3,246
    I'm in seats - 193X can't wait!
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  • pj23yankspj23yanks Posts: 248
    I got seats and have an extra. I will be staying at the Omni
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    18: Barcelona, Madrid
  • BF100302BF100302 Posts: 5
    Closest show to Tallahassee, FL. Won the lottery and got two GA tickets. Cant wait
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