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    BP5776 wrote:
    Well I very rarely post here, buthave been in the fan club since 96.

    Saw PJ in Columbia, SC - and I am really excited for my first show in my adopted home town of Charlotte

    i have seen many shows in the NY/NJ/CT area and hoping that my GA lottery request gets filled.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys there, and meeting some PJ peeps!

    I was at the 08 Columbia show was epic! Loved the "So who is the biggest no not the president" line. Still makes me laugh everytime I relive through the boot.
    are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip?

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  • This is my first time attempting to see a whole leg of a tour. i'll be there, maybe road tripping with my dad who brought me to my first PJ show in '96 when I was 11. Thanks, Dad!
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  • ender78ender78 Posts: 10
    Wifey and I are driving down from Raleigh for the show. Ah, can't wait!
  • I sure as hell hope to be there!
  • So excited they are playing here in Charlotte. The last time they played here was in 2003 at the outside amphitheatre. I work 5 minutes away from the arena and I can't wait to soak it all in. This will be my 10th show and here's hoping that the lottery will be good to me.

    Saw Roger Waters at the arena last July and was in the 2nd to last row in the upper bowl. Sound was good, but couldn't see squat thanks to the speakers. Really hoping for better seats this time around.
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    Greenville, SC 4/16/16
  • mysameoldfriendmysameoldfriend TennesseePosts: 227
    I will be making the trip from middle Tennessee. I have never been to Charlotte. Can't wait!
  • hailhail8hailhail8 Posts: 269
    I'll be hitting Baltimore, Charlottesville, and Charlotte.

    Traveling from NN, Va.
  • pookasnakepookasnake Posts: 155
    If I win the lottery, I'll be driving in from Georgia with my 9 year old son. It will be his 1st PJ show!
    If I knew where it was, I would take you there....

  • Driving solo from ATL to meet friends in Charlotte, if anybody wants to car pool, pm me. Planning to leaving ATL around 10am or noon day of show and returning early the next morning. I have room for 2-3 people.
  • HeathermanHeatherman Posts: 16
    My birthday & (almost) hometown show! Thanks PJ!
  • mwmorrisonmwmorrison Posts: 40
    iisee wrote:
    No..No...Charlotte sucks...and ya'll are clogging up the lottery. Stay away.... :lol:

    I'm with iisee on this one. ;)
    PJ1973 wrote:
    Lottery or no, I'll be there! Last PJ show I saw was 2004 Asheville. This has been a long time coming!

    So to completely get ahead of ourselves- where should we pre-party? I live in Winston and my knowledge of Charlotte is not the greatest. I know an owner of Birdsong Brewery in NoDa where we could probably work something out with them, but is that too far from the arena to be feasible? Charlotte people - opinions?

    I love Birdsong as its in my hood. Another suggestion is Triple C brewery. We can stumble onto the light rail from there that will drop us off at the arena.
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  • blondieblue227blondieblue227 Va, USAPosts: 4,497
    good chance my brother will be at this show.
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    I'll be there, I live 20 minutes from the arena! Charlotte shows are always the best! Can't wait!
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  • megatronmegatron Posts: 3,420
    my gf and I are heading up from Orlando for Charlottesville and Charlotte. can't wait.

    I went to Columbia 08 and it was won of the greatest shows/trip of my life
  • BP5776BP5776 Posts: 25
    I was at the 08 Columbia show was epic! Loved the "So who is the biggest no not the president" line. Still makes me laugh everytime I relive through the boot.[/quote]

    I have seen the band 27 times in some of the greatest venues in the world, and I can confidently say that was one of the best shows I have ever seen. KOL as the opener was smoking and 5th row center with a friend who had never been to a rock concert? Priceless.

    Really excited for the CLT show as well, taking another friend who is a HUGE PJ fan and he has never seen them. I was a little bummed about the GA at first, not for any other reason but that I will miss the thrill of finding out where the tickets are when I get to the arena - I mean assuming the GA tickets materialize!

    I never got closer than 5th row even with a 122,XXX fan club number, but if we get GA - that should be awesome too. And I imagine that the GA section will be exciting!
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  • zevilonezevilone Posts: 336
    w000t got GA for charlotte :)
  • Last-12-ExitLast-12-Exit Charleston, SCPosts: 8,661
    Ill be there for sure now! Won GA tix. See u guys there!
  • alex_scalex_sc Posts: 103
    Got reserved seats, life is good!

    (Also cool to see the Columbia 08 memories. Such a great show, and I also had a first-timer with me so it was extra fun.)
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  • luv-ed91luv-ed91 Posts: 215
    Just got my confirmation!! THANKS 10 CLUB!!! YA'LL ARE AWESOME!!! :thumbup:

    I am so freaking stoked right now!! I really needed this... haven't seen the guys since Columbia '08, and before that was Asheville '04... This is the best freaking news I've had in YEARS!! Just hope I can still hang with the GA section... it's been many, many.... many years since I've been in the pit... All you other GA people, remember to be easy on the older generations ;)

    Now we all have to play the waiting But that's ok... bring it on PJ!! NC has waited 9 years for this :wave: We will be eagerly waiting!!

    Charlotte: I'll see you soon!! WOO HOO!!!
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  • Jnich2424Jnich2424 Posts: 608
    I plan on hitting up Baltimore/Cville/Charlotte all on a drive down the coast back to FL. No confirms for any of those shows right now, so we'll see what will end up happening.
  • rr165892rr165892 Posts: 5,697
    South Florida will be represented in both Bmore and Queen City. Won 2 of my 4 both reserved.Choice 1 and surprise choice #4.good luck to everyone waiting.
  • Dr. JDr. J Posts: 74
    I will be there! It will be my third show and first one since the (awesome) Columbia show everyone is reminiscing about.
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    In :thumbup:
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    I'll be taking my Wife to See them in Charlotte for her first ever time. It'll be my first time since Charlotte '03 actually that I'll have seen PJ live myself(7th total show). It'll be fun seeing them again especially 10 years later after so much has changed in my life...sheesh it's been 10 years O.o
  • know1know1 Posts: 6,585
    I'm in. Reserved seats.
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  • Jnich2424Jnich2424 Posts: 608
    Officially in reserved! :D
  • I'm officially in reserved. Won C-Ville reserved too.
    1998 - Birmingham
    2000 - Atlanta
    2003 - Atlanta
    2012 - Atlanta
    2013 - Wrigley/Charlottesville/Charlotte
    2014 - Cincinnati/Memphis
    2016 - Greenville/Hampton
  • Got reserved!
  • PJ1973PJ1973 Winston-Salem, NCPosts: 216
    Reserved! And for Charlottesville too. Now b/c I'm greedy, need to find one for Baltimore to make it a triple!
  • In for reserved! Did anybody request GA for this show? I'm seeing all reserved.
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