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    Of all the eras to mine, I couldn't be more excited 
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    A1. When Your Number Isn't Up
    A2. Hit The City (w/PJ Harvey)
    A3. Wedding Dress
    A4. Methamphetamine Blues
    B1. One Hundred Days
    B2. Bombed
    B3. Strange Religion  
    B4. Sideways In Reverse
    C1. Come to Me (w/PJ Harvey)
    C2. Like Little Willie John
    C3. Can't Come Down
    D1. Morning Glory Wine
    D2. Head
    D3. Driving Death Valley Blues
    D4. Out of Nowhere

    A1. Methamphetamine Blues
    A2. On The steps of the Cathedral
    A3. Clear Spot
    A4. Message to Mine
    A5. Lexington Slow Down
    A6. Skeletal History
    B1. Wish You Well
    B2. Sleep With Me
    B3. Sleep With Me - Version…
    Bonus Tracks
    B4. Sympathy (previously only available on the Has God Seen My Shadow Anthology)
    B5. Mirrored (B-side from Hit The City Single)
    B6. Mud Pink Skag (B-side from Hit The City Single)

    A1. Heard a Train %
    A2. Union Tombstone feat. Beck %
    A3. Josephine %
    A4. Kingdom %
    A5. Soldier %
    A6. Little Willie John % (Alternate version of Like Little Willie John)
    A7. Blood (Crackers & Honey) %
    B1. You Wild Colorado # (Johnny Cash cover)
    B2. Revolver # original demo, of song eventually used on Mark + Isobel Campbell’s Ballad Of The Broken Seas - the only track he wrote for that album) 
    B3. Leaving New River Blues # (previously only available on the Has God Seen My Shadow 
    Anthology as Heaven Is Dry
    B4. St. James Infirmary # (cover) 
    B5. Willie John # (Alternate version of Like Little Willie John)  
    B6. Pure Religion # (Alternate version of Strange Religion)

    % outtake
    # Troy Van Leeuwen Hotel session

    Beggars Arkive in conjunction with the Estate of Mark Lanegan, are honored to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Mark Lanegan’s acclaimed 2004 album Bubblegum. On August 23rd, we will release Bubblegum XX - a set of releases that include a remastered double LP edition of the original album and a 4XLP/3XCD/Digital release containing 40 remastered tracks, 12 of which are previously unreleased.

    The limited-edition Bubblegum XX 4XLP box contains a 64-page hardcover book with essays by Troy Van Leewuen, Josh Homme, Chris Goss, Alain Johannes, David Catching, Greg Dulli, Duff McKagan, and Brett Netson along with studio notes and previously unseen photographs by Steve Gullick. It includes Bubblegum, which has been cut as a double LP and remastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road. It also includes a remastered edition of Here Comes That Weird Chill (Methamphetamine Blues, Extras & Oddities)to which three bonus tracks have been added. The fourth LP contains demos and unreleased tracks, comprised of outtakes from the Bubblegum sessions and tracks recorded, produced and mixed by Troy Van Leeuwen in various hotel rooms with Mark singing and Troy playing all the instruments. The set was executive produced by Mark’s former manager Brian Klein, who worked with him during the Bubblegum era.

    The demos and unreleased tracks are beautiful to hear. Mark’s voice is front and center, and as Josh Homme notes in the book, “Mark’s early solo works are undeniably powerful. They’re sombre, fragile, breath-taking, beautiful and they’re more real than everyone else’s.” Of the thirteen tracks, seven of them are outtakes from the Bubblegumsessions. “Union Tombstone” was a song that Mark wanted Beck to contribute to, and when it was sent to him, he was working on his own album, so it was set aside. Beck added vocals and harmonica to the track this year. 

    The last six tracks on the album were recorded, produced and mixed by Troy Van Leeuwen in various hotel rooms with just Mark singing and Troy playing all the instruments. About the sessions, Troy said… “So these hotel demo sessions were basically forgotten...When I heard the news of Mark's passing, these memories started rushing back to me. I searched through my archive of drives and somehow magically was able to open up these sessions. I thought to myself, “That NEVER happens.” These ideas couldn’t be more fresh out of the tap. The original rough mixes are a real time capsule that stands up to the 20 years that have passed. It’s a true gift from Mark to those of us who love him and his unvarnished expression of beauty. With every listen, I am humbled and honored to share his gift with you.”

    Mark had been demoing songs for a new album, and he was booked to record at Abbey Road. It was a long-time dream of his to record in the legendary London studio, but since he never had the chance to do that, it's fortuitous that the remastering for this release took place there, handled by Geoff Pesche. Mark had never been satisfied with the original cut of Bubblegum, so we are honored to help make his dream come true posthumously.

    When Mark Lanegan departed this world in 2022, he left us with a stunning & wildly eclectic body of work that includes two memoirs, and a musical output of seven albums with the Screaming Trees, thirteen solo albums, and collaborative albums and singles with folks including Queens Of The Stone Age, Soulsavers, Gutter Twins & Isobel Campbell and many others. We are all thankful for what we have been left with and honored to celebrate this beautiful album.
    “Do not postpone happiness”
    (Jeff Tweedy, Sydney 2007)

    “Put yer good money on the sunrise”
    (Tim Rogers)
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    That looks amazing - thanks for posting!
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