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Extra Tickets for Sale/Trade- Post HERE



  • EvolverEvolver Posts: 525
    bump this biatch!
  • looking for two lower level tix to DC. will pay over face if I need to. PM me!
  • Tuolumne MamaTuolumne Mama Posts: 1,210
    cropduster - I just bagged two behind stage level 118 about five minutes ago. So check Ticketbastard again.
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  • OSak00006OSak00006 Posts: 32

    I've got 1 Extra for DC - Section 120!

    Looking for a trade for an "equalish" seat at the Hartford show...

    [email protected]
  • k63wilsonk63wilson Posts: 15
    Anyone have a pair of "non-behind stage" MSG#2 tickets for sale?

    At 9:56 am some jackass at work prevented me from getting onto ticketmaster this morning... UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    Please send me a pm if so.

    THANK YOU!!!
  • Hey guys...looking for one ticket to LA #1. Unfortunately cant pay the ridiculous scalper prices that are being thrown around. Please hit me up at 415 286 1662 if you have 1 extra.


  • Anyone got 2 extras for LA 2? Please let me know! Thanks.
  • West15thWest15th Posts: 113
    Ten club. PM me.

  • Anyone with any extra LA or SD tickets please let me know
  • jomo297jomo297 Posts: 40
    I'd love an extra LA ticket for either night. I know it's a long shot, but just thought I would try.
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  • dmbolpdmbolp ATLPosts: 658
    Single MSG night 1 in section 63 row G, looking to trade for a comparable single to Columbia SC
  • Could I be so lucky to find someone with an extra single for tonight? Have a friend in dire need of one(this would be his first PJ/EV experience)... call or text me at 323 788 4769 if you can hook a brotha up(by hook up, i mean willing to pay face of COURSE).... thanks!

    Big Keith

    PS-any of my all day Fonda peeps coming tonight. was good seeing a few of you in SB
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  • I'm looking for an extra 10C ticket to MSG 1. I missed the public onsale cause I got back from Cancun REALLY late the night before and was completely jetlagged and tired. (ya poor excuse but its the sad truth).
    If anyone can help a girl out that would be great. The only trade bait I may have is 1 ticket for Mansfield 1.
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  • PBGirlPBGirl Posts: 4
    jasp wrote:
    hi i'm from Belgium.I tried to buy tickets for MSG 1 and 2 but i failed like a lot of people so i'm looking for tickets for MSG 1 and MSG 2. It's my only chance to come once in my life in NYC and see Pearl Jam so if you can help me....Thank you very much. Jasp

    I've got two tix to MSG 2, they're in the same section but not seated together, one is in Seat 2, Row H, and the other is Seat 4, Row M. I purchased them from TM and used TicketFast. We already have tickets for MSG 1 but they're not seated together. However I wanted to sit with my husband for the second show so I bought a pair of tix from eBay so that's why I can sell these tickets. I'm not looking to make any money on them, I just want what I paid for them.
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  • The VacantThe Vacant Posts: 271
    I have two extras for DC. Section 411, row B. Asking $140 for the pair. PM me if interested.
  • mooreb4mooreb4 Posts: 35
    pj no. 171xxx have 1 extra ticket $74.
  • FirecloudFirecloud Posts: 493
    Alright....things are getting desperate now! I'm keeping hope alive, looking for an extra for tonight's LA2 show... I can offer face value, a poster and a hell of a lot of appreciation for the opportunity to see such a special show Pretty please with batting eyelashes and sky-high hopes...
  • I did not get any tenclub tix for the show. Would be grateful. Thank you.


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  • BinFrogBinFrog MAPosts: 7,292
    I am all set for tickets, but a buddy of mine and his wife want to go to one of the Mansfield shows. If anyone has 2 decent tickets for either night, drop me a line.
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  • looking for one tamps ticket, please.
  • chrimabochrimabo Posts: 1
    I accidentally bought two tickets for the first show in Camden (Thursday June 19, Seat location: section 201, row W, seats 28-29), and I meant to buy tickets for either of the New York Madison Square Garden shows (June 24 or 25).

    Is anyone willing to trade two tickets to a New York show for my two tickets to the Camden show? Please let me know by sending a private message.
  • alex_scalex_sc Posts: 108
    One extra 10c ticket for 6/17 at Va. Beach. My number is if interested.

    +++EDIT - Ticket claimed! +++
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  • josevolutionjosevolution Posts: 24,498
    i'm looking for 2 for the MSG II show .....
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  • treved22treved22 Posts: 23
    My wife and I have 10C tix, but we have a newborn and so she might bail at the last second and decide to stay home.

    First come first called if you PM me your name and #. If she bails, will just start calling whoever emails, first down the line. If you don't pick up, I move on! ;)

    Just cover my cost of the ticket, and we'll be in there together.
  • andmakandmak Posts: 22
    I have an extra ticket that I will sell for face value.
    10c 2xxxxx
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  • fuckfuck Posts: 4,069
    BinFrog wrote:
    I am all set for tickets, but a buddy of mine and his wife want to go to one of the Mansfield shows. If anyone has 2 decent tickets for either night, drop me a line.
    Red Lukin has an extra for the 6/28 show... pm him...
  • StrykerStryker Upstate, NYPosts: 583
    I still have one Mansfield II ticket available. I just know somebody out there wants to take it off my hands.
  • LONGRDLONGRD Posts: 6,036
    Stryker420 wrote:
    I still have one Mansfield II ticket available. I just know somebody out there wants to take it off my hands.
    Fuck yeah bro!!!!
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  • sections 214, 215, and 114. behind stage, but very close to it. face value.

    PM if interested!
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  • augustwestaugustwest Posts: 739
    I have a single ticket behind the stage. 4th row up.

    at face value/cost
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