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Extra Tickets for Sale/Trade- Post HERE



  • OatsdadOatsdad Posts: 72
    Single for West Palm up for grabs. My 10C # is 80XXX. PM if interested!
  • mooreb4mooreb4 Posts: 35
    i have extra ticket no. 171xxx
  • balcony row d, face value. holla
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  • guacamolejoeguacamolejoe Posts: 2,387
    Looking for 2 tics for msg II in exchange for 2 tics for mansfield I. Retired nyc fireman who can't be shut-out in his home town. Willing to take tm tickets also.
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  • EddieDogEddieDog Posts: 28
    Serves me right for offering my extra tickets to a couple of "casual fans". They both flaked. So I have a single ticket available for Santa Cruz tomorrow night and a single ticket available for Berkeley 1 on Monday. Would be willing to trade one for a ticket Berkeley 2 on Tuesday or straight up sell it to a "real" fan for face value.

    Santa Cruz is a TM ticket and Berkeley is a 10C ticket. PM me if you're interested.

    EDIT - My berkeley ticket has been claimed, but if anyone is interested in trading a Berkeley 2 ticket for a Santa Cruz ticket, or just interested in buying a Santa Cruz single for face value - PM me.
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  • azwyldcatsazwyldcats Posts: 692
    Berkeley 1 row A orchestra avail now on TM

    Got 2 for Berk 2 row F orchestra 2 hrs ago! yes going 2 nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nite 1 10C tix
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  • jam_headjam_head Posts: 125
    Looking for 1 ticket to Va beach, NY1 and NY2... maybe the camden shows if the tix are really good :)

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  • OatsdadOatsdad Posts: 72
    Nobody wants my extra for West Palm??? C'mon folks - first show of the tour and my 10C # is 80XXX!!! You can't do much better than that!
  • looking to trade 2 msg2 10c tix for Mansfield June 30th 10c tix
  • How does it work getting ten club tickets from a member in another city if the tickets have to be picked up by the buyer at the box office on the day of the show?

    Is this quote from the ten club email not true?:

    "Tickets will be distributed on the day of the show at the box office of the venue. The fan club member, not the cardholder, must be present to collect the tickets. No exceptions. All sales are final. NO refunds. NO exchanges. NO transfers. Reselling of Ten Club tickets will result in revocation of all future ticket privileges and suspension of your Ten Club membership."

    (It seems very challenging to discourage scalpers but to not end up with empty seats from people who buy months in advance and then find out they can't make the show...)
  • mookieblalockmookieblalock Posts: 2,700
    looking to trade 2 msg2 10c tix for Mansfield June 30th 10c tix

    PM sent
  • brainofcbrainofc Posts: 59
    I'm looking for a pair of 10c MSG 2 tickets. I got my pair for the first show but got shut out for the second. I will pay face value cash for the pair and have posters + EV Into the Wild Vinyl (unopened) to help sweeten the deal.
  • I would love a ticket to VA beach if anyone has an extra. That west palm offer looks sweet but unfortunately thats a BIT far!!!!
  • fuckfuck Posts: 4,069
    Looking for 1 MSG night 2 ticket and 1 Mansfield night 2 (june 30th) ticket.

    If anyone has one, please PM me!! Thanks!
  • HushBullHushBull Posts: 996
    I need one ticket to either the first or second show at MSG...
    PM me, please!
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  • pj66jppj66jp Posts: 41
    Oatsdad wrote:
    Single for West Palm up for grabs. My 10C # is 80XXX. PM if interested!

    I maybe interested, I will most likely end up having one 10c ticket for the Tampa show if you are interested in swapping.
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  • waterairwaterair Philly Posts: 53
    Hi There!

    I am looking for a single ticket for Camden I. I would very much like to purchase one from a ten club member since I'll be by myself and I'd like to be near some like-minded (devoted) fans!!!

    Let's go to Europe ;-)

    (how I let my membership lapse is beyond me.)
  • RiotActRiotAct Posts: 56
    I plan on hitting the rest of the Eddie shows starting with Berkeley. Still need 2 tickets for Santa Barbara, Los Angeles 4/12, and San Diego 4/15. If anyone has any extra's for either of those shows please let me know.

    I would be willing to trade 10C seats for either Hartford or Boston 6/30 if you have some great seats or extra 10C seats for any of the Eddie shows above.

    Please call me at 612-840-0476 if you can help. I'm catching a flight Monday am for SF so I'll have limited access to internet after today.

  • strat94strat94 Posts: 1
    I accidentally ordered these Friday when looking for camden 2 tix. In the chaos of rushing to buy, I clicked on Tweeter center thinking it was the camden site(now the susquehanna bank center). Luckily I did manage to get four section 202 tix for camden 2 but I can't use these tix for the mansfield show:

    Pearl Jam
    Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
    Sat, Jun 28, 2008 07:30 PM

    Seat location: section SEC 11, row Q, seats 44-41
    Total Charge: US $ 365.15

    Looking to break even on these so if anyone is interested, please email or send me a private message. I am new here but I have ebay and paypal feedback.

  • Hi,

    I'm new to the board, so kindly direct me to the right place if I'm in the wrong place.

    In any case, I have a ticket in Section 1 for the 6/30 Mansfield show that I would like to trade for an equivalent ticket to the Mansfield 6/28 show. Live north of Boston, so if that helps for a face to face meeting, that would be great. But I'm grateful if anyone can make this trade. Thanks
  • PegasusPegasus Posts: 3,753
    ok..I'm going crazy looking at the Ed fanviews and hearing the clips..
    so I'm gong even crazier and considering flying to LA for the weekend.

    now I need tickets though.

    so Any LA1 or/and LA2 spares? don't care where in the building though of course 10c is preferred :D
    I will NOT pay above face for them, but I have 10 tickets to all the June shows, and so spares for many of them (some are already spoken for), so we can trade.

    anyway..if you have any, please let me know fast (by pm please)..I need to book my flight in the next couple of days really.
  • goatgoat Posts: 90
    If anyone has an extra ticket for the Tuesday show please PM me.
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  • I may be ok for SB but anyone with an extra to SB and BOTH LA shows, please PM me if you can help out a true fan.


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  • nuzzer1nuzzer1 New JerseyPosts: 1,291
    Hi - looking for 2 or 3 to LA1 - willing to buy a poster and/or some swag with the face tix. Already flying out so any help is much appreciated!
    Thank you.
  • LongGoneLongGone Posts: 44
    I have an extra 10C tix for Berkley tonight. Face Value. PM me if interested. Thanks.
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  • sold
  • FlowevenFloweven Posts: 5
    Looking for 2 available 10C tickets...

    PM me...
  • mattjm82mattjm82 Posts: 6
    Hey, Im in dire need of a ticket to each night of Camden. I got shut out for both nights and plans on here earlier didn't work out. I can paypal the money. I really don't want to sit in the lawn because the sound sucks or else I would already have tickets. Please help me out. Just one for each night is all.

    [email protected]
  • RijekaRijeka Posts: 801
    Any MSG 1 extras, I need only one. I can offer you money mixed with beer(s) or MSG 2 extra with beer(s) :D...No one night stand offers please, I just need 1 ticket :D...

    Thx, pm if interested
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  • I got shut out on 10C and TM. Still need a pair of tixs for either night in San Diego. I live in San Diego and can meet you at the show. Thanks!

    Peace out,


    [email protected]
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