Extra Tickets for Sale/Trade- Post HERE

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Too bad if there is already another thread.

1 extra for DC. 306xxx. Face or lower (aren't I nice). No need to split transportation or hotel because I live right outside DC. No you may not stay over. :)

I have a feeling theres gonna be lots of extras.
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  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of ChicagoPosts: 4,557
    I have an extra DC 84xxx ----EDIT CLAIMED

    need a car buddy from Chicago area or somewher on the way Will let split of gas to and fro pay for ticket

    must be able to hang out or attend MSG1/2 if i get tickets. I may have extras for that too.

    pm me if interested

    Still looking for a person to drive up with me and split gas---someone also going to NYC

    EDIT all claimed sorry
  • OceansJennyOceansJenny Manhattan, NYPosts: 2,834
    bump; no one has extra tickets??
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  • schmoffschmoff Posts: 428
    i MAY have extras for camden, hartford, mansfield

    will post again as the dates get closer
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  • I currently have extra for MSG2, Hartford and Mansfield. 209XXX

    I'm looking to trade one of these extras for 1 ticket to MSG1. I'll be more then willing to sell the other two at face value. But I'll first need to confirm with my friend to see if he is planning on going to any with me. (I'll post an update as soon as I know)

    PM please.
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  • i have an extra msg II - looking to exchange it for an extra msg I.

    10c # 205xxx
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  • WaxxWaxx Posts: 35
    I have an extra for Hartford, ten club number 283xxx. Face value.

    Update: No longer available.
  • I have an extra for MSG2, D.C., Virginia, and possibly Camden. 86xxx. Face value
  • jaspjasp Posts: 22
    hi i'm from Belgium.I tried to buy tickets for MSG 1 and 2 but i failed like a lot of people so i'm looking for tickets for MSG 1 and MSG 2. It's my only chance to come once in my life in NYC and see Pearl Jam so if you can help me....Thank you very much. Jasp
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  • PelicanzPelicanz Posts: 21
  • xavier mcdanielxavier mcdaniel Somewhere in NYCPosts: 8,596
    i'd like one extra to both msg shows before i attempt to go the ticketmaster route.
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  • I am looking for an extra to any show, I will plan my trip around whichever one I can get!! I have plans to meet a friend in VirginiaBeach so that would be my first choice, but would love anything.

    I will buy drinks/food! Let me know! Thanks!
  • lilvlilv Posts: 27
    hey i just booked my flight, if i can get a ticket to msg2 itl be my first pj gig:) awesome.
    if anybody has one to sell for face value pls let me know asap..cheers
  • bgirl59bgirl59 Tucson AZPosts: 886
    i have an extra msg II - looking to exchange it for an extra msg I.

    10c # 205xxx
    Dying to exchange my spare Philly1 10c seat for a Philly2 10c seat.(177xxx)
    I love this thread!
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  • I have an extra 10 C tix for Columbia, Virginia Beach, and Hartford....
    PM me if interested.....

  • StrykerStryker Upstate, NYPosts: 583
    I have an extra MSG 2 and an extra Mansfield ticket.
  • jfredjfred Posts: 2
    I have an extra 10C ticket for MSG 1. My number is 104xxx. Simply looking to sell it for face value ($84). Email me if interested at [email protected].

  • Hey im new to this forum and looking for a ticket for the dc show at the verizon center. If anyone has one available send me a pm.

    thanks alot,
    6/22/08 DC
  • spearheadspearhead Posts: 599
    I have an extra Camden #1 ... ten club #208xxx

    I need an MSG ticket ... either night ...
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  • I have one extra Hartford ticket that I'd like to swap for a ticket to either MSG show. Will make up the difference in cost as well.
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  • AnnaMelindaAnnaMelinda Posts: 331
    VB...a pair... (Going with a friend!! :) )

    DC...a pair...maybe...unsure what I'm doing with this show...

    There may be more...but that's all for now. :)

    Pretty good 10C #.

    PM with inquiries!!! :)
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  • FlowevenFloweven Posts: 5
    Any available DC club tickets?

    I have an okay fan club number, (181xxx) but missed out from buying tickets for this show.
  • RijekaRijeka Posts: 801
    I have an extra MSG 2, unfortunately my 10c is #411xxx...



    I'd like to swap it for MSG1, and I really don't care about the numbers. Just want to be there..

    PM me if you're interested!
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  • ReverbReverb Posts: 34
    I have 2 hartfords & cash, looking for MSG II.

    10C: 250xxx

    PM me!
  • Duster72Duster72 Posts: 28
    Going to FL for a PJ vacation, but only came up with a feasible child care arrangement for Tampa. Wife has agreed to watch the kids for WPB if I can find a 10C buddy with a lower number than me (220,XXX). Interested? I'll pay for my ticket and your poster and probably even your first beer. If you're driving from the Fort Myers area, I'll also split gas. PM me!
  • StrykerStryker Upstate, NYPosts: 583
    I still have an extra Mansfield ticket.
  • Still seeking a MSG 2. The lower the 10C #, the better:)
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  • anhedoniaanhedonia Posts: 36
    I have extra pairs in the pavilion for Mansfield I, looking for the same at Hartford and Mansfield II.
  • Tuolumne MamaTuolumne Mama Posts: 1,210
    Single mom looking for anyone with 2 tickets to the DC show. Have been a 10c member for awhile (337XXX) but my membership lapsed due to a bad email address so I had to rejoin again with a much higher number (414XXX). I missed the presale for this tour on here due to hospitalization and illness. I would very much like to take my son to his first PJ show and to DC in general since he has never been there. He's a young teen who's grown up on PJ music and really loves it. Please PM me if you have any extra tix available for sale. Thanks a million.
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  • mattjm82mattjm82 Posts: 6
    I need a ticket to Camden NJ Thursday or Friday or BOTH ! I just need one for each night and not in the lawn. I got myself shut out today.

    [email protected]

    Thank You

  • looking for hartford and mansfield June 30th 10c tix, have msg2 tix to trade
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