The Death Penalty



  • Not even remotely close to how sick his crimes were. And if he's worried or anxious over his fate... his anxiety is not even in the same hemisphere as his victims' was during his reign of terror.

    That being said: there's likely a better way to send him where he needs to go. Use Plan B, but for gawds sakes... enough oatmeal and scrambled eggs for breakfast coupled with a laundry service and Netflix.
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  • This guy's living the life in federal prison! The guy makes cash, watches sitcoms and movies, stays in touch with his kids, and follows politics. His victims have decomposed by now, but how lovely for him!

    Bottom line (it's a common theme): a fate far too great for him given what he did.
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    Texas woman charged after 3-year-old son killed in an apparent game of ‘chicken’

    She can fucking go...Evil bitch...who the fuck would do that to a child should see the gallows...
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    Great documentary on TV in the uk last night with Susannah Reid visiting Death Row and following a guys journey to the gurney. 

    ITV played 'The End' at the time they were outsdie the chamber and the guy was taking his last breath. The song seemed extremely appropriate. 

    Well worth a watch anyway, and just struck me as PJ never feature on shows in the UK. 

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    Ive been revisiting the Glossip case a lot too this last week or so. 

    How on earth is that guy still in prison? That is complete bullshit. 

    OKC are now trying to have an appropriate gas mask created to use nitrogen gas after failing to source anything suitable so far.......absolute joke. 
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    Let them rot, but deciding to take their life is not the proper response. An eye for an eye is a dangerous precedent. 
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