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    RW8297 said:
    I would do it if it included Seas of Cheese and Frizzle Fry
  • MayDay10 said:
    RW8297 said:
    I would do it if it included Seas of Cheese and Frizzle Fry
    They were supposed to be coming out with a boxed set. I’m not sure if this is taking the place of that idea, instead, or if they will still do that.
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    I, like most, only know Primus because of 'My Name is Mud' and 'South Park.' I'm seeing them with Tool and wanted to brush up on them so I got a handful of their records from the library and I'm not impressed so far. Green Naugahyde was dreadful and I just started Pork Soda and my hopes aren't high I'll like anything by them. How does a band like this with the 'sounds' (I hesitate to call it music) even survive? Were they all independently wealthy before they even started the band? Who would even buy one of their CDs? That being said, I'm hoping the 'music' translates better live and they put on a a good show.
    THey are good live.  I don't own any of their records but had a good time at the show.

    It did rub me the wrong way that they didn't do an encore or says "thanks" or anything.  Song the stage.
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    I think if you don't like/enjoy Primus by now, there is little chance it will happen (unless you are a jam band fan who has somehow overlooked Claypool over the years).

    This last tour, a few people at work were going to a show and asking me about it (knowing I'm a fan and was attending).  Basically, I told them that it wasn't "entry level" and it will seem very strange, they wont get it and be turned off.  Just try to enjoy/respect possibly the greatest active bass player in the world.  Sure enough, the next morning they gave me funny looks and they had left the show early.
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    Thanks Mookie
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    Saw primus/les many times. Caught NYC show with frog brigade when their encore was the whole Floyd animals. Dang dilly o. If you don't get it that's fine but if you do consider yourself lucky! 
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