***The SEINFELD TRIVIA Thread***



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    vant0037 said:
    Good ones!  I also thought of Elaine and her itch which doctors refuse to treat her for because she’s difficult, and George with a new haircut. “I’m all itchy back here!”
    Completely forgot about the Elaine one.

    In 1979 Mr. Peterman had "just a taste" of white lotus, yam-yam, Shanghai Sally.  What was he, and what was he searching for?
    Some special kind of corduroy. 
    That's not it...but in all fairness this is a pretty difficult question.
    I'm not sure then. But I know in some different episode Peterman does recount a tale of being on a search for corduroy. 
    "I was travelling the Yangtzee in search of a Mongolian horsehair vest. I had got to the market after sundown, all of the clothing traders had gone, but a different sort of trader still lurked about."
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