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Covers that are better than the original



  • njnancynjnancy Northern New JerseyPosts: 5,096
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
    Up on the Roof - James Taylor
    You've Got A Friend - James Taylor
    Society - Eddie Vedder
    Throw your Arms Around Me - Pearl Jam
    Landslide - the Dixie Chicks, IMHO, did right by this amazing song
    Peter Gunn Theme - Emerson Lake & Palmer
    I Believe In Father Christmas - ELP cover of Greg Lake's solo version
    Me & Bobby Magee - PInk - no one is Janis - but she sings the hell out of it.
  • Trapped - Bruce Springsteen
    Thank You - Chris Cornell
    Oh, Lonesome Me - Neil Young
    Crazy Mary - Pearl Jam
    Crazy - REM
    Summertime Blues - The Who
    Happy up here in my tree
  • pljampljam Posts: 387
    RITFW - PJ. Trouble - ED. Hard Sun - ED. Imagine - ED. Hide your love - ED
    Growing Up - ED. Gimme Some Truth - ED/PJ. Millworker -ED. Trow Your Arms -ED
    Crazy Mary -PJ. Kick Out The Jams -PJ. Little Wing (maggot brain) -PJ
    Tuesday's Gone - METALICA. Wild Thing - COLD CHISEL. You've Lost That Lovin Feeling-
    THE FIRM. Bohemian Rhapsody- THE FOREST RANGERS. Rocky Mountain Way - GODSMACK. Planet Caravan-PANTERA. Signs -TESLA Love In Vein- TESLA
    John The Revelater-CURTIS STIGERS Someday Never Comes -BILLY VALENTINE
    House Of The Rising Sun - WHITE BUFFALO
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  • Girl U Want (Soundgarden's cover of Devo's song)

    "My brain's a good brain!"
  • While talking about Devo covers... Sepultura's cover of Mongoloid is pretty good too:

    "My brain's a good brain!"
  • red mosred mos Posts: 4,953
    thefixer9 said:

    keeponrockin" said:
    Girl From The North Country - The Black Crowes

    Just perfect.
    Have you ever heard Dylan's version? (from The Freewheelin Bob Dylan)

    No cover can ever come anywhere close to this.
    I totally agree

    Dylan did another version of this song for his "Nashville Skyline" album with Johnny Cash - love that version too.
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