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  • Jearlpam0925Jearlpam0925 Deep South PhillyPosts: 14,379

    I saw this thread pop back up and I thought, "Shit. Who died?"

    You do know today is BTTF II day, right?

    Sports was the first album I remember hearing when I was 3 just after it came out. My dad had it on cassette and would play it constantly. Always loved them before Patrick Bateman made it "cool" to like the band. Love listening to them just to take me back to my childhood. They were kind of the Hootie and the Blowfish of their day if you think about it.

    Also, Huey Lewis is right up there with Sammy Hagar and Dave Grohl as one of the coolest, laid back guys in rock and roll.
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  • PJ_SoulPJ_Soul Vancouver, BCPosts: 48,294
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    Fore! is a great album.
    According to their twitter feed, they are going to be on Kimmel tonight (at least that's what I assume - they just said that you should tune in).
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  • Huey Lewis tradition you've probably never heard before...

    My buddies and I are all graduates of the University of S Carolina. Before every home football game we listen the best of HLATN at our big tailgate party. We started about 10 years ago and we haven't missed a week since. It's become a big hit that our new friends anticipate when they come to party with us.
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  • MedozKMedozK TennesseePosts: 8,869
    With the celebration of Back to the Future... I had to listen to a few Huey Lewis CDs. I really like the band. If Marty McFly has Huey Lewis & The News 'Sports' poster on his bedroom wall, they MUST be good.
  • HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon WinnipegPosts: 29,289
    they have a new record out today. "Weather"
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  • The JugglerThe Juggler Behind that bush over there.Posts: 41,542
    they have a new record out today. "Weather"
    Dude can barely hear anything and is able to put out a new record. HUEY LEWIS is a fucking legend.
  • willbarclaywillbarclay Ottawa, Canada Posts: 3,298
    they have a new record out today. "Weather"
    Dude can barely hear anything and is able to put out a new record. HUEY LEWIS is a fucking legend.

    Well, apparently the album is only 7 songs because that's when his other ear decided to fuck off.

    too bad.

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