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  • JK_LivinJK_Livin South JerseyPosts: 7,274
    kasedoug said:
    JK_Livin said:
    Didn't they say the 42 was going to be the last quarterly vault? They were going to a year long subscription.
    It's going to be that last quarterly Vault at a $60 price point. It's going up to $65 per quarter, or you can subscribe annually for $240 in the US in order to keep it at $60/quarter.
    Alright, alright, alright!
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 32,160
    Damnit. I shouldn’t spend any money right now. Ugh.
  • FR181798FR181798 Posts: 1,238
    LP looks good, Blu-ray/dvds never interest me. 

    Flexi discs ???? Waste of time.
  • HorosHoros Posts: 4,444
    I see they do Fearless on the blu-ray. That alone excites me.
  • PJ_SoulPJ_Soul Vancouver, BCPosts: 47,924
    I don't even own a blu-ray player and never will. They should let you choose which format.
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  • LukinFanLukinFan Florida Posts: 27,687
    I went ahead and purchased the current Vault. After seeing The Raconteurs live this weekend, it was a no brainer. I do not have a blu-ray player, so I guess I will try to sell it. 

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