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    Voilà,  here is the list:

    2000WPalmBeach FLPJ w/SonicYouth Concert Aug 9-10 Aug 12 TampaAmes Laminated
    2003Brisbane AUSPJ Johnny Marr Surfers Feb 8-9BigPopPosters Seribellum
    2003Albany NYPJ-Sparta ShutUp Liberty Apr.29Ames Bros
    2003Montreal QCPJ-Buzzcocks Pink bike Sep.29Ames Bros
    2004NEOCONR4C Whole set 6 postersBrad Klausen
    2004NRock for Choices Oct1 Reading PABrad Klausen
    2004ERock for Choices Oct2 Grand Rapids MIBrad Klausen
    2004ORock for Choices Oct3 StLouis MOBrad Klausen
    2004CRock for Choices Oct5 Asheville NCBrad Klausen
    2004NRock for Choices Oct8 Kissimmee FLBrad Klausen
    2005TourPJ north American TourBrad Klausen
    2005Montreal QCPJ Lawnboy orangeAmes Bros
    2005Saskatoon SKPJ Native Credit Union Centre Sept 7Ames Bros
    2005Quebec City QCPJ Astronaut Sep.20Ames Bros
    2006Milwaukee WIOn vous intoxique! June 30Ames Bros
    2006Hartford CNXLCTR BasketChimp Oct.25Ames Bros1of2
    2006Hartford CNXLCTR BasketChimp Oct.25Ames Bros2of2
    2006Sydney AUSPJ-King Leon Acer Arena Nov.7Beyond Pale Posters 1/12
    2006Brisbane AUSPJ-King Leon Brisbane Ent.Center Nov.10Beyond Pale Posters 3/12
    2006Sydney AUSPJ-King Leon PJ JAR Nov.18Beyond Pale Posters 8/12Framed
    2007Toronto ONPearl Jam August 21st 2007Klausen/D&L
    2008Washington DCPJ Inflate general June 22Ames Bros
    2008New York NYPJ MSG Monster Trees June 24Ames Bros
    2009Toronto ONPJ-MolsonAmphiteater Klausen+ D/L
    2009Philadelphia PAPJ-SocialDistortion Spectrum 1/4 Oct.27TomTomorrowSigned  + Framed
    2009Philadelphia PAPJ-SocialDistortion Spectrum 2/4 Oct.28TomTomorrowSigned  + Framed
    2009Philadelphia PAPJ-SocialDistortion Spectrum 3/4 Oct.30TomTomorrowSigned  + Framed
    2009Philadelphia PAPJ-SocialDistortion Spectrum 4/4 Oct.31TomTomorrowSigned  + Framed
    2009Sydney AUSPJ-Ben Harper Sydney Football Stad Nov.22 SurferBen Brown
    2011Boston MAEdVedder Wang Theatre June 16MarkFive
    2011Montreal QCPJ Bell Centre Purple peacock Sept.7Jeff Soto's
    2012ElPaso TXEdVedder+GlenHansard Mikey Neocon Apr.17KozikLarge size poster
    2012Berlin GERPJ O2 WorldAmes Bros VS Klausen
    2012SummerTourEdVedder USTourMarkFive
    2013Chicago ILAn evening with PJ HotDog Mustard Jul.19MunkOne
    2013Chicago ILAn evening with PJ ChitownChimp Jul.19Ames Bros
    2013Chicago ILAn evening with PJ Aliens Baseball Jul.19Emek
    2013Chicago ILAn evening with PJ CrackerJack Jul.19Steve ThomasFramed
    2015New York NYPearl Jam Central Park Great LawnHale Signed
    2016Raleigh NCPJ live at PNC Arena Cancelled stamp Apr.20Mike Fudge*Cancelled show
    2016Boston MAFenway Playing Card Aug.5-7Mark5
    2016Boston MAFenway Baseball Board ORANGE Aug.5-7Steve Thomas
    2016Boston MAFenway Baseball Board RED Aug.5-7Steve Thomas
    2016Boston MAFenway Baseball Rabbit Aug.5-7Ames BrosSigned 58/215
    2016Boston MAFenway Green Monster Aug.5-7Ames BrosSigned 61/315
    2016Boston MAFenway Aug.5-7Shuss/Fun FactorySigned 36/300
    2016Chicago ILWrigley Field Subway Aug.20-22FaileSigned
    2016Quebec City QCPJ Centre Videotron Hope Totem May 5Mike Fudge1of2
    2016Quebec City QCPJ Centre Videotron Hope Totem May 5Mike Fudge2of2
    2018London UKPJ O2 Arena Earth June 19 Sloan1of2 numbered
    2018London UKPJ O2 Arena Earth June 19 Sloan2of2 numbered
    2018London UKPJ O2 Arena Earth June 20 Ben Brown*Cancelled show
    2xLSanta Barbara CA2003 Original Reprint Horizontal Wine Line Oct.28Ames BrosSigned+Numbered
    2xLMontreal QC1998 Original Reprint Bell Center Orange Tractor Aug.20Ames BrosSigned+Numbered
    Misc1980-presentThe Collective Family LineageBands Diagrams
    MiscEddie Vedder Promo BW UKULELE SONG promo poster
    MiscAmes broSeribellum  Printing Ames Bros VS Pearl JamAmes Bros3x
    UnknownUnknownEV-Black Guitar Pick - Rear Batmobile 23 + Front car EV  GUITAR PICK
    UnknownUnknownEV-White Guitar Pick - Rear Batmobile 23 + Front car EV  GUITAR PICK
    UnknownUnknownEV-White Guitar Pick - Dog D.P. + Face E.V.  GUITAR PICK
    UnknownUnknownEV-White Guitar Pick - Batman logo EV + Batgirl purple  GUITAR PICK
    2003Albany NYM.McCready Green pick 'mike'GUITAR PICK
    UnknownUnknownM.McCready Yellow pick 'MIKE McCready' + Palm and seaGUITAR PICK
    UnknownUnknownM.McCready Yellow pick 'MIKE McCready' + Palm and seaGUITAR PICK
    UnknownUnknownM.McCready Yellow pick 'MIKE McCready' + Palm and seaGUITAR PICK
    2005Quebec City QCEddie Vedder Fuckin'Up CP Presented By LP CP 379 - 10'' TAMBOURINE
    10C PACKS
    2012Box w/Sticker + Patch + Poster
    2013Box w/Sticker + Patch + Poster
    2014Box w/Sticker + Patch + Poster
    variousDifferrent letter style
    1995Vitalogy Number 7
    1998pj calendar
    2002pj poster
    2005Manuel for free living
    2008Deep Magazine
    2009Deep Magazine
    2010Deep Magazine
    2011Deep Magazine
    2012Deep Magazine
    2013Deep Magazine
    2014Deep Magazine
    2015Deep Magazine
    1995Pearl Jam - History Never Repeat
    1996Pearl Jam - Olympic Platinum
    1997Pearl Jam / R.E.M. - Happy When I'm Crying / Live For Today
    1998Pearl Jam - Christmas 1998
    1999Pearl Jam - Christmas 1999
    2000Pearl Jam - Crown Of Thorns
    2001Pearl Jam - 2001 Annual Vinyl Single
    2002Pearl Jam - 2002 Annual Vinyl Single
    2003Pearl Jam - Come Back! It's Christmas... I Can Change, I'll Show You... I... Love...3x 
    2004Pearl Jam - Someday At Christmas
    2005Pearl Jam - Christmas 2005
    2006Pearl Jam - Love, Reign O'er Me
    2007Pearl Jam - Santa God
    2008Pearl Jam - Santa Cruz / Golden State
    2009Pearl Jam - Turning Mist
    2011Pearl Jam - Better Things2x
    2012Pearl Jam - Live From Alpine Valley 2011
    2013Pearl Jam - 99 Problems
    2014Eddie Vedder / Jeff Ament - Imagine / Pendulumorphosis
    2015Pearl Jam / Eddie Vedder And Beyoncé - Wishing Well / Redemption Song
    201680025510-01TEMPLE OF THE DOG am/universalSealed
    201688875188981NO CODE epic/legacy 1996-2016 Sealed
    2017B0027209-01LET'S PLAY TWO - Live at Wrigley Field - mr/republic/umpgSealed
    2011MWR0329LIVE ON TWO LEGS - monkeywrenchrecords Sealed
    1994E 66900VITALOGY epic/sony
    201380018983-01LIGHTNING BOLT mr/republicSealed
    201688985303661YIELD epic/legacy 1998-2016Sealed
    2000E2 63665BINAURAL epic
    1993-1995VS - VITALOGY
    1995t-shirt10C - Black and White Heart XL
    2012t-shirtJACKSONVILLE EdVed Fall TourXL
    2012t-shirtEL PASO EdVed Fall TourXL
    2012t-shirtISLE OF WIGHT U.K. BlueL
    2012t-shirtSAN ANTONIO EdVed Fall TourXL
    2015t-shirt10C - FanClub LogoL
    2015t-shirtHAALLOWEEN 2015, Gray and dead mariachisL
    2016t-shirtGLOBAL FEST - NY - Black and redL
    2016t-shirt10C - Stickman logo repeatXL
    2016t-shirtPJ North American tour 2016XL
    unknownt-shirtEdVed - Beer Gray, Back BottleL
    unknownt-shirt10C White Indian LogoL
    unknownt-shirtAmes Image from Poster Skate Snake L
    unknownt-shirt10C Red and Black Bleeding heartL
    1998JerseyFootball - Soccer - Jersey Official 1998 TourXL
    2016JerseyGray Baseball Chicago 2016L
    2016JerseyHockey - Quebec City Nordiques 2016 TourXL - Sealed
    2016HoodieNavy Blue Hoodie Chicago 2016L
    unknownCapPJ Music Design Black and White
    unknownCapPJ 2016 Chicago Summer Gray and Red Logo
    unknownCapPJ 2018 Tour Yellow Skull on Black 
    unknownCapPJ In the Woods Vintage Orange Beige and Brown
    unknownCapPJ In the Woods Vintage Orange Beige and Brown
    MiscTotesTote Bag - Chicago august 20-22, 2016
    Books5x1 Lance Mercer - PJ thru the eyes of Lance Mercer
    BooksAmes VS Pearl Jam Signed and Numbered #253
    BooksUkulele Partitions book - Eddie Vedder
    BooksFrom a Basement in Seattle - The Poster Art Brad Klausen
    BooksPJ20 - Twenty 
    BooksOf Potatoe Heads and Polaroids - Mike McCready
    Zippo EdVedRare White
    FlagChicago august 20-22, 2016
    Guest-PassVarious 4x
    PinsPJ Logo 2x
    FlyerPromo Flyer Riot Act Bootlegs5x
    BadgePearl Jam, Chicago 2016 and 10C3x
    PlayingCardBoxEddie Vedder Sealed Playing Card
    Wrist BandWrigley 2013 + Wrigley 2016
    Postal CardPrint, Baseball Card, Canadian Tour, Card, Gorge Promo8x
    1996Ticket StubsAugusta, Maine - Vintage Unused JF Lalonde6x
    2012Ticket StubsPJ20
    2016Ticket StubsTemple of the Dog, MSG 2x
    2000-2008Ticket StubsMSG, Montreal, Albany, Saratoga7x
    2008-2015Ticket StubsMSG, Washington, Portland, XL Center
    Other posters
    2002WestCoast TourTragically Hip - Seattle - Portland -Spokane Dancing Girl
    2004Kingston ONAcross the Causeway - Greater Kingston FoundationHomeshowRare
    2005NYCOTrey Anastasio - Hammerstein BallroomSigned 60/100
    2015TourTragically Hip North American Tour 2015Blue Car Fully Completely
    2015TourTragically Hip North American Tour 2015Hockey Guitar Yellow
    2015New York NYU2 Live at MSG iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE White July 18thNumbered292/300
    2015New York NYU2 Live at MSG iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Red July 19thNumbered80/300
    2017Quebec City QCMetallica 2017 - festival d'été - MetalicSigned 11/30Ames Bro
    2017Bacon Raton FL311 Sunset Cove Amphitheater - MetalicSigned 8/30Don Pendleton
    2017Raleigh NCPrimus, W/Clutch Red Hat AmphitheaterSignedDon Pendleton
    unknownTourTragically Hip North American Tour 200? Orange TreeHatch Show Print Nashville
    unknownTourTragically Hip North American Tour 200? Yellow Tree
    February 10