Official: 2018 Home Shows vs Away Shows Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • William RaeWilliam Rae Posts: 39
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    ISO of ONE Ticket - Seattle 8/10 GA
    Me and my GF are flying in from OK for the Aug 10 show, I have 2 GA through 10c.
    My daughter is driving up from Salem to join us. I took her to her first concert ever at Key Arena in Nov 2000 to see PJ, when she was 13.
    This ticket is for her so she can join us.
    Thanks and hope someone can help.
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  • dugsmokdugsmok Posts: 6
    Still in hopes of trading one GA Wrigley night 2 for same to night one. I can buy you some beers, or pizza or something. It is getting near crunch time. I hope my brother doesnt need to sit outside.
  • Looking for 2 tickets for night one wrigley. Doesn’t matter where at as long as it’s not obstructed. Have friends that want to come with. Thanks
  • rtdbakerrtdbaker Posts: 20
    Looking for 2 tickets to the second night in Seattle, my wife and I were able to extend the trip and are now looking for tickets. Any help would be appreciated. 
    That is actually what she said
  • fmillanfmillan ChilePosts: 52
    Looking for one ticket for Seattle Night 2. I am traveling from Santiago, Chile. Please any help would be appreciated.
  • jpdannabellejpdannabelle Posts: 438
    Hi peeps! Looking for 1 single GA to either Wrigley show. Poster for the night will be on me!!
  • MortyMorty Posts: 1
    Hi - I have an extra pair of Seattle Night 2 - Friday 8/10/18 tickets -- Section 127, Row 20

    Looking to trade for a pair of Chicago Night 1 - Saturday 8/18/18 tickets.
  • bryan.riggsbryan.riggs Posts: 1
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    Looking for 1 ticket (much prefer GA but I'm sure so does everyone else!) with some fans for Wednesday 8/8 - cash buyer unfortunately/don't have trade value at the moment (wife going to Night 2) but hoping for a solution. A very kind boardie hooked it up to LA Sports Arena for '13 shows so hoping I can find a way in!

    Separately, if anyone is thinking about golfing I can help sweeten the pot - have a tee time for Chambers Bay on Thursday in between shows and will be renting a car, happy to pick up/take along anyone looking to play + enjoy the views!
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  • bridget0727bridget0727 FloridaPosts: 9
    ISO one GA ticket for Chicago night 2
  • bridget0727bridget0727 FloridaPosts: 9
    Looking for 1 GA for Wrigley night 1.  I have an extra GA for Wrigley night 2 and an extra GA for Amsterdam to trade.  Or i'm happy to pay cash/drinks.  Anyone want to make a deal???
    If you dont end up finding a trade, I will buy your extra GA for night 2 if you end up wanting to sell it outright. Please keep me in mind! @kkline1183
  • ISO one GA ticket for Seattle Night 1
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  • ISO of 2 tickets to night 2 in Boston (Sep 4). Travelling from Australia and missed out on lottery and general sale. Just looking to be in the stadium! 
    Thanks all.
  • silvasilva Posts: 33
    Hi there. I'm looking for 1 GA ticket to Seattle Night 1. Coming from the UK for the shows, so if you have a spare, you'd really be helping me out.
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  • smile6680smile6680 Posts: 3
    I would appreciate one boston night one ticket. I will be going down with other ten club members whether I have a ticket or not so if anyone has a friend who backs out even last minute let me know. Thank you
  • wgibb003wgibb003 Posts: 2
    Hey friends!  I will be in Chicago for my birthday this year but was unable to get tickets to the show.  ISO two tickets to night 1 (any section).  Please let me know if anybody has any they would be willing to sell me!  Thanks!
  • manitoumanmanitouman In My HeadPosts: 646
    Anyone have a Seattle night 1 8/8 GA to trade for a night 2 8/10 GA?
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  • bayandrebayandre Posts: 3
    In need of 1 ticket for Seattle night two, don't care where seat is located!  
  • JP218404JP218404 NJPosts: 490
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    Just looking for 1 Wrigley night 1. Doesn’t matter where it is. 
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