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Official: 2018 Home Shows vs Away Shows Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • fookiefookie Posts: 190
    Sorry :( I odnt have a pair to sell. If you decide to sell these lmk..
  • hurricanezekehurricanezeke Posts: 175
    edited July 2018
    ISO 1 for for Wrigley night 1.  Would love GA (have never been able to obtain GA tix), but just need to get into the building.  Have $$$ for tix and beer burning a hole in my pocket.

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  • It absolutely KILLS me, but I'm not going to be able to make my Seattle shows.  :( 
    I have 2 reserved tickets to both the 8/8 and the 8/10 shows to sell. 
  • DPrival78DPrival78 CTPosts: 2,250
    Looking for 1 for Chicago 1 (GA, preferably), and one for Boston 1
    Possibly able to trade 1 for either Seattle 2 or Missoula, both GA

    i'm more a fan of popular bands.. like the bee-gees, pearl jam
  • fookiefookie Posts: 190
  • zevilonezevilone Posts: 336
    looking for night 1 seattle GA,  have an extra reservation at the new embassy suites next door as well that i could transfer over(just the res not paying for it)
  • Mikemzl91Mikemzl91 Posts: 396
    dingers said:
    For Sale -
    Boston Fenway Park
    1 x Sunday September 2nd at $123.50 / £95
    1 x Tuesday September 4th at $123.50 / £95
    PM sent
  • ISO 2 tickets for Seattle Night 1 8/8/18

    Thanks, Ben
  • DDRDDR Posts: 105
    ISO Wrigley GA both nights. Will buy for face or trade good reserved. PM or email if interested - [email protected]
  • ISO 2 tickets for Seattle Night 1 8/8/18

    You can email me at [email protected]

    Thanks, Ben

  • mastern80mastern80 Posts: 16
    ISO of a pair of Wrigley N1 - don't have to be 10Club - for friends who have never been to a show, this will be their first show!!
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  • Looking for 1 GA for the Missoula show. Any help appreciated 
  • TH113769TH113769 Posts: 358
    I have 2 Ten Club GA for sale for Barcelona. Face value. Please PM if interested. 
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  • I have 2 Wrigley reserved, need 2 Seattle 8/8 instead. Anyone willing to work out trade or sell??
  • DenisFDenisF Posts: 7
    edited July 2018
    Looking for 1 or 2 ga or lower tier seats for london show next week pls pm me 
  • PorchgirlCOPorchgirlCO ColoradoPosts: 1,344
    edited July 2018
    Still searching for 2 tix for Fenway night 2 for my 50th birthday (and/or night 1 if you have to cancel for some reason) thanks in advance!!
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    I'll ride the wave where it takes me...

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  • BizzzyBozzzyBizzzyBozzzy San DiegoPosts: 382
    Looking for Seattle GA, both nights. 1 or 2 tickets, either way. Already have a flight to Seattle, just need tickets! Thanks!
  • mattl8787mattl8787 Posts: 50
    Looking for two tickets for Wrigley night 1. If it's any help I have an extra 10 Club ticket for both nights at Fenway to trade.
  • AB98848AB98848 Posts: 8
    Looking for one ticket to Boston show night two (9/4).  I’ll be in town for the first night and would like to go to both shows if possible.
  • MakingWavesMakingWaves Posts: 1,266
    I know this is a reach but my wife just surprised me with plane tickets and a hotel room to meet friends in Boston for night 1 at Fenway. I just have to find a ticket. Stubhub is an obvious choice, but being a long time 10C member I wanted to check to see if there was a ticket I could purchase. I appreciate it and either way I will see you in Boston!!
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  • fookiefookie Posts: 190
    Still looking!
    i need 2 tix for both Seattle shows
    will obviously take any pairs for either
    please please will pay the ticket cost and have some 
    cool merch to throw in!!
  • WP231872WP231872 Posts: 6
    ISO one ticket night one GA Seattle. Will Trade one ticket night two Seattle. You go to both shows! I get to go Wednesday!

  • spivedspived Posts: 78

    I'm from Monterrey, Mexico, I won a pair of tickets of Missoula (GA Standing), willing to trade my spare ticket for a Seattle2 spare ticket.

    Thanks in advance!
    all you need is love
    I got some if you need it
  • fookiefookie Posts: 190
    If you have an extra TC for EITHER Seattle show please, please, please let me know!!
  • deweildeweil Posts: 235
    Looking for 1 ticket for Fenway (either/both nights)
    GA preferred
    Buy or possible Radiohead GA trade
  • Crazy LarryCrazy Larry Posts: 151
    Looking for GA to Seattle 2...please someone help. 
  • iwasatpj20iwasatpj20 Rockford, ILPosts: 2,979
    deweil said:
    Looking for 1 ticket for Fenway (either/both nights)
    GA preferred
    Buy or possible Radiohead GA trade
    No GA at Fenway, all tickets are reserved
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    2016 - Temple of the Dog San Francisco, CA (both shows)
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    2019 - Alice in Chains Milwaukee, WI

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  • dwhiskeyddwhiskeyd Posts: 25
    Looking for Seattle GA, both nights. 1 or 2 tickets, either way. Already have a flight to Seattle, just need tickets! Thanks!

    I have 4  ten club seats all together to Seattle Aug 8th.  So bummed, but I have to sell them.  shoot me a message if you are interested.  
  • fookiefookie Posts: 190
    my cell is 9143203925
    Have flights and hotel
    Need tix
    Long time TC member!
  • fookiefookie Posts: 190
    Ill take 4 if I have to
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