FOUND: Ian Thornley "myspace demos"

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Many years ago, Ian Thornley (Big Wreck, Thornley) would post demos he was working on to his myspace account, allowing for them to be downloaded. They were honestly some of my favourite tracks by him. My PC crashed last year, and lost all of my digital music. I have been able to reclaim most of my catalogue, but these demos elude me. It was so long ago I don't even recall the track names. I know the demo of Good Times Roll was on there, which I was able to find by way of one of the old Thornley fansites (and it's MUCH better than the version Big Wreck recently released on iTunes). But the rest I can't find. Can anyone help a dude out?

Man it sucks loving Canadian music sometimes. So hard to find the hard-to-find stuff. 
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    got em all from a buddy if anyone wants them. 
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    Glad that you have been reunited with music you love. I have never listened to Thornley and I haven't heard anything from Big Wreck except for the first album. I've been meaning to rectify that. 

    I love the first record, saw them at a tiny little bar in the late nineties and met and had beers with the band. They were all very nice and accommodating. 
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