Eddie Vedder playing Metro - Hot Stove Cool Music?



  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 45,727
    Was anyone lucky enough to download these videos last night? https://www.periscope.tv/powerlaunch/ ? Totally sucks that the "Replay Unavailable" option is up. :(
  • PJ-CubsPJ-Cubs Posts: 2,955
    Does anyone have the audio from last night or some good photos and/or videos to share?

    I was trying not to take too many pictures or record and songs. We had some short people behind us and I did not want to block their view.
  • RunIntoTheRainRunIntoTheRain TexasPosts: 403
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 45,727
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 45,727
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 45,727
  • chitownp76chitownp76 Posts: 774
    What a night! One dude walked out of there with some great shit. He spent $34,000 on them but cool none the less.
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  • chiefnjkchiefnjk Posts: 38
    Hot Stove Cool Music Chicago is scheduled for June 2, 2017. If Ed performs, it would be his 3rd year in a row. Great event and cause. Especially cool if you're a Cubs fan.
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,012
    Guess we need to see what other dates he has lined up. Balked at going last year, only to see him sing the 7th inning stretch at the Cubs game earlier in the day. Put 2 + 2 together and couldn't get a last second ticket.
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,012
    Or, for that matter, he might be around to sing the 7th stretch June 2 - 1pm start time.
  • RyanRyan Posts: 635
    Is this a hard/impossible ticket to get when they go on sale? I'm going to be in Chicago that weekend for U2 and Cubs vs. Cardinals so I'd love to attend this, regardless if Ed is there or not.
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  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,012
    EV tour overlaps with this, not going to happen. Still a cool event supporting a good cause, though, so check it out if you're killing time while in town.
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 45,727
    tschav said:

    EV tour overlaps with this, not going to happen. Still a cool event supporting a good cause, though, so check it out if you're killing time while in town.

    Kinda shocked he's not making it back @ the Metro after his Cubbies won the World Series. The June 7th show @ the Metro would of been insane!!! His UK solo show on the 7th will still be good.
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