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    Pretty basic setup but gets the job done.

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    mrussel1 said:
    Speed Box is supposed to be an excellent product.  It keeps the motor running at the perfect speed which can reduce the wow and flutter.  Many people noticed a significant upgrade when using it, particularly if you have motor hum.  I've debated getting this for a while, but my TT is very quiet so hasn't been a priority.  This is all along with the obvious speed switching benefit.  

    Kevin - did you notice audio improvement?  Father's day is coming up so maybe I'll have the wife pick me up one..
    I love mine. Makes it super easy to switch speeds, I’m not sure if it gives you a lot of increased audio improvement, but you do get perfect speed. 
  • Chris1401Chris1401 Posts: 295
    Just upgraded to a Technics SL1200 MK5 with a Nagaoka Mp-110 cartridge running through some AudioEngine A5s. Pondering a few KAB upgrades - otherwise it's a great upgrade from where I was at!
  • dudemandudeman Posts: 1,640
    How is the bass response from the A5s?
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