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    RoeDawg13 said:
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    dankind said:
    Yeah, the EU version of the Houses of the Holy reissue is flawless, but the US version was a mess.

    Also, side 2 of the US IV reissue is skip city. I don’t know if the EU version of that one is any better, though. Maybe I’ll order one from Amazon.uk and see. 
    Listened through the whole thing. Sounds good and no defects I can hear. Not the most amazing sounstage, but everything comes through nice and clear and there are some seriously jaw dropping moments from the band as a whole and from he individuals.
    The US version of Houses of the Holy was the one where The Ocean had some distortion, no? I don't recall any other complaints but I found myself the EU on ebay for a decent price.
    I believe that was limited to the first round of pressings.  I bought a US version last fall and no issues. It wasn't the deluxe.  I'm not sure if there was ever a difference between the standard and deluxe.  
    Just throwing that out for those that have avoided the US and couldn't get a EU.
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    First US Pressing with the cellophane window.  Picked it up for $7.  Spectacular.  Tremendous presence by Morrison and super crisp instruments.  Highly recommended pressing.  

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    Big windows to let in the sun.
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    PJ-Lost Dogs
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    Mars Volta-Frances The Mute
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    2011 Reissue EU Pressing
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    2011 Reissue EU Pressing
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    Whitesnake: Live... In The Heart  Of The City
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    West German Pressing
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    Braveheart Soundtrack
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     A 1960s or 70s Dutch pressing from the US 1956 LP?
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    the chief culprit of the thread heading south
    you're welcome
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