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    I like to ride in the lounge car on weekends.  Let go of the heavy lifting topics.  I found myself in a Jewel mood when I got home today.  Thought I'd share a few of my favorite songs of hers.  What a voice!
    Innocence maintained


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    My husband turned me on to Jewel just before he moved out here.

    He also turned me on to this band.  Gotta say I prefer their acoustic stuff to the not.  Good stuff, good lyrics, good vibe, good talent.

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    That middle finger song is definitely interesting.
    I think Spirit is Jewel's best album front to back.. Which has this on it.
    Down so Long

    Then she experimented with Country and club dance music for almost 2 decades.  Im now glad that she finally returned to her style that I liked so well in the first place.
    Picking up the Pices in my opinion is her best work since 2000.
    Here is a sample

    She is still amazing.
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    kce8 said:
    0:36 Here's one for the Aussies....
    What are you trying to say with this Deutsches girl ;)
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    Digging this lady a lot these days:

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    Well Mr. P, thank you for the mental musical run from jams to jelly to fruit to the beloved Melon (not that kind).

    - Regards from one who's neither appalled nor afraid :)

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