Mentally disabled man with toygun shot dead in Sweden



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    I am no gun expert...but I'm guessing they might have a strong defence that the gun is very real like.  But that would also depend on how far away when the victim was shot.  Seems like a tragedy all around.  
    The police officer being charged with manslaughter got charged with that because he shot when the victim was turned with his back against them moving away.
    That changes everything.  
    Swedish newspaper Expressen has seen the plaint/lawsuit application: One police is prosecuted for causing another's death, the other two for misconduct.

    "When Eric Torell, in a subsequent stage, turned his back on the police, NN, without any longer being entitled to emergency protection, has fired a shot that hit Eric Torell in the back and caused his death," the lawsuit claims.'

    Sad story.
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    I haven't seen the toy gun.  Some of those guns look real, especially from a distance.  Who thought it would be a good idea to give this individual a toy gun?  Hard to fault the police, especially the Swedish police ....

    This is Megatron, leader of the Decepticons.  A Tranformers toy from the 1980's. Not a real gun.  But look at that fucker.  I openly carried it around the neighborhood as a kid.  Different times then, obviously.  Ain't no way in hell 1) Hasbro would be allowed to sell this today, 2) even if they did, would I buy this for any child, and 3) even if I did, let them leave the house with it.  If you were carrying this around in public today, do you think a cop or bystander is going to think it's a toy?  Kind of insane to think I even had this 35 years ago.
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    Transformers were the shit
  • I think it has become common sense that toy guns have become a thing of the past.

    I had a bunch of toy guns growing up. Not only that, I carried my pellet gun through my neighbourhood into the hills routinely as a really young child. 

    Different era. Different values. Different reality.
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    Trial today.

    The trial of police officers who shot Eric Torell, 20, has begun.
    Eric, who had Down syndrome, was shot dead with a toy gun in his hand.

    Two police officers who fired the shots and their commanders are charged - one for causing the death of another and two for misconduct.
    "This is going to be very difficult, but I'm going to brace myself," said Eric Torell's mother, Katarina Söderberg, before the trial.

    "Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
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    Criminologist Leif GW Persson, who has gone through the investigation and himself visited the place where it happened, has his view clear. The two shooters will probably be released.

    "They have perceived it as such a threatening situation that they are entitled to deadly violence," he says.


    What is the most remarkable thing about all this, do you think?
    - That those people are not fit to carry weapons. They are too nervous and weird, they do not have enough presence.

    - Nobody I would hunt with, if we look at id that day. I have seen those kind of people during hunts and they are dangerous..

    Those who fired the shots were relatively new as police officers. If there have been experienced police officers?
    - No, no, it is clear that they should not have shot. You don't do it that way. And it is so bright so you can clearly see what a small figure is running around. The distance was between 10 and 15 meters depending on who you ask.´

    Eric Torell was around 150 centimeters.

    - I'm pretty sure if the Task Force had been in the same place it wouldn't have fired one shot. They are available at that time and will eventually come. But by that time it's all over.

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    unsung said:
    Only government should have guns, right?

    Just another example of police murder. 

    A year late, but very nice use of a GIF there Chaos!
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