Same Song Title, Different Band/Artist: "Dreams”

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Happy Friday!  This week's song title is "Dreams" where I found a few excellent versions spanning a few different decades.

Fleetwood Mac - Released on the album "Rumors" in 1977
Allman Brothers Band - Released on their self-titled album in 1969
The Cranberries - Their debut single released in 1992
Val Halen - Released on the album "5150" in 1986, Sammy Hagar's debut with the band

If there is another version you feel strongly about, please feel free to bring it up!

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Same Song Title, Different Band/Artist: "Dreams” 17 votes

Fleetwood Mac
F Me In The Brainrummy 2 votes
Allman Brothers Band
hedonistpjsteelerfanDewieCoxSmallestOceans 4 votes
The Cranberries
pjhawkshrd2imgnOnWis97eeriepadavecdthomas1981 5 votes
Van Halen
PoncierHobbespearldavidsonnjnancy 4 votes
benjstempo_n_groove 2 votes


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