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Official: 2018 Fenway Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



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    I have 2 10c tickets for N2. $160 gets the pair. GS16 Row 10 Seats 25 and 26. I will walk you in.
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  • Boston 9/4 - I have my one transferable ticket turf B7 row 12 available. Below face - $90. Text me at 908-400-3492. 
  • I have 1 F73, Row H available. It's my non-transferable ticket. Got other seats with friends. $50 for the single. Just have to meet me outside the show and walk in with me. Or I can send the screenshot, if you think that works. Peace
  • canadianborncanadianborn Lakewood COPosts: 13
    BOGO! I have 2 10c tickets for N2. $125 gets the pair. GS16 Row 10 Seats 25 Ns 26. I will walk you in.
  • I have my extra 10 club ticket as my wife didn’t come. Don’t want it to go to waste. Buy me a few beers and its your. Text me at(403) 581-1730. Thanks 
  • Thanks everyone I’ve got several messages already this will be gone one way or the other 
  • Have 10C pair for tonight, N2....TURF B7, row 8, seats 25 & 26 @ face. Text me 973 767-6491

  • canadianborncanadianborn Lakewood COPosts: 13
    Last chance! 2 tix gs16 r10 s25/26 $100 gets pair. Meet at gate B before 6p. DM me.
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