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Official: 2018 Fenway Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • Weston1283Weston1283 Cleveland, OHPosts: 2,841
    bbiggs said:
    Gonna be a lot of open seats after the drop the other day. 
    Looking like they dropped hundreds of seats.  Haven’t seen this many for sale posts for a show in a LONG time
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  • BK98338BK98338 Posts: 4
    Have a single 10club ticket for sale - second night, Turf B6 Row 17

    PM if interested
  • I have a single ticket for night 2 and would like a single ticket for night one, but not tech savy so I would like to meet if possible and pay cash or exchange.
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  • TC282314TC282314 Posts: 339
    edited September 2018
    FS- B95, GG pair for night 2. 

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  • BillGlorifiedGBillGlorifiedG Posts: 128
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    Have 2 10C tickets for night 1 for sale. 
    Section B93 Row FF. $247 for both. 

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  • canadianborncanadianborn Lakewood COPosts: 13
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    Looking to trade my extra N2 10c ticket (gs16 r10 s26) for a similar ticket to the N1 show. I can throw in a HOB ticket on Monday to sweeten the deal.
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  • Looking for a single on-field ticket for tomorrow/Sunday show (09/02), long-time 10Cer, will pay cash in person tomorrow, plus an overpriced Fens beer. PM me. Thanks!
  • Looking for a single ticket for myself to N1 Fenway.  In from California. Thanks!!
  • vedpunkvedpunk Posts: 534
    Looking for two tickets to Fenway N1 - flying in front Austin, TX! 

  • RenfieldRenfield NYC NYPosts: 719
    Hi- Does anyone have a tkt for sale for Fenway Night 1 turf seat?  Thx Carol✌️
  • FS: N2 ticket in lower bowl by 1st base (F14 Row E) - PM me if interested
  • Looking for two tickets Sunday night at Fenway. PM me! 
  • I have 2 Fenway N1 tickets and 2 Fenway N2 tickets (all 10c, grandstand seats). Looking to trade all 4 of them for 2 better seats for N1.
  • Looking for 2 Tickets for Sunday Night  at Fenway. With sale for face seller gets  Free  Chicago 18  guitar pick(Mike)..or vintage PJ  T-shirt  New XL .. Turf please 
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  • Vytis33Vytis33 Posts: 182
    Pair of 10C Fenway Night 2 tix for sale.  Section F17 face value.  PM me
  • Sprunkn7Sprunkn7 Posts: 5,235
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    Thank you fellow 10 clubber for saving my ass....again!!!
  • asax3kasax3k Posts: 8
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    I have 2 tickets for Night 1 for sale - Section G21, Row 12, face value ($267.85 for the pair).  I have the PDF that I can email out.  PM me if interested and thanks!

    Edit: Sold
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  • Looking to trade a single night 2 (Box 7, Row J) for a single for night 1....does not necessarily have to be in a similar location.  Please PM me if interested.  Thanks!
  • Have Turf B2 N2
    Need N1
    will Trade or buy
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  • PJamMBPJamMB Posts: 110
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    Pair 10c available. Night 2. 10c tickets. 
    Grandstand 16, not obstructed, straight ahead site line to the stage. Make me an offer close to face. 
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  • michaelomichaelo Morgantown, PA. USAPosts: 54
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    I have a 10 club n2 in  b2 I would like to trade for a night 1 seat. Will throw a HOB screening ticket in. I am a member of Boy Scout troop 420. We're always prepared
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  • Need N1
    Have N2 to trade or will buy
    there once was a note...LISTEN !
  • I'm ISO a single N1 ticket, I have Klausen/Whalen posters for trade also
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  • Have two extra for N1. F152, Row AAA.

    PM me.
  • Have extra for tonight.  Club level behind home plate, HPP 3 row 1.  10 club ticket, 123.50.  PM with name and email and will transfer.  Venmo or PayPal.  Thanks.

  • I have a 2nd ticket for the 2nd show on the 4th of Sept.  Its on the field, B4, row 7.
  • DM17954 said:
    I have a 2nd ticket for the 2nd show on the 4th of Sept.  Its on the field, B4, row 7.
    PM sent
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  • Single for N1. It’s in the first few rows of B6. Looking to sell to someone who will be in the area before doors. I have to pick up from the Red Sox will call which I believe opens at 4. PM me. Thanks!

    Face value $131 total from the Red Sox ticket drop with 10c password Wednesday. 
  • Single 10 Club ticket available for night 2 (9/4), on the field - B7, Row 2.
  • Got 1 PC02 ticket for tonight at face. (it's far in the back). first pm gets it. Thanks and enjoy the show!
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