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Just wanted to throw out a giant "Thank You" to "@dlocke", whoever you are.

@dlocke (Andy??)  periscoped last nights entire show in the most professional, quality, manner I've ever had the joy to witness. It was pure pleasure to be sitting out on my deck last night, under the stars, accompanied by some excellent "Draught Works Brewery IPA" recently brought home from Missoula show, bathed in the soft glow of my laptop, taking in the entire show, from late start to "Rockin in the Free World".  It...was...just...like...being...there!   Thanks again good citizen, this fan owes you a round!!!

On a final note...PJ should really consider doing some pay-per-view shows...maybe proceeds to charity??

--All you lucky fuckers still in Boston, enjoy night two!!
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    Yes, thank you @dlocke
    I very much appreciate it. 
  • Totally support this message! @dlocke, you’re one cool dude (or dudette). Thank you!
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    Yes, thank you!!!
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    Thank you @dlocke
    Awesome job

  • slabahn13slabahn13 ChicagoPosts: 43
    @dlocke Came through huge in Seattle too. You rock man!
  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 716
    For the millionth time (but you still deserve it) thanks Andy for the awesome work! I totally agree that your filming last night was especially amazing!
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    He always comes through.  Thank you, sir!
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    You're my boy (or woman) blue! Thanks!!!!
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