Fans of ....Guy who Steals Home Plate at Wrigley

This was the funniest....from his “ ready to steal  home plate” stance on third to the legit home plate slide .....crowd was in tears
You can check the replay but I’m gonna say he’s “Saaaafe”
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    Give this guy some love! Despite being SAFE! He’s called OUT by red shirts and hauled away. 
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    I hope there's video of this
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    So classic. He tried jumping over the baracade and when security tackled him the whole thing went down from like Home to third. Crazy!!! Absolutely awesome. That and everyone jumping on the dugouts. 
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  • That was incredible. I tried to get my phone out to record it but was too late. That guy is a legend.
  • That was awesome and I was the first one to jump up on the dugout. Twenty years ago I would have ran back and forth but did not want to get kicked out. Props to the guy in the Supersonic PJ tracksuit for giving it a go. Had a great time last night with the best fans in America   Can’t wait for Monday 
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    Here's a view of it (youtube link).  Unfortunately no video of him (and the temp railings) getting wrecked by security.
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    Kudos also for timing the run to home and getting a moment to rock out at home plate. Hope he didn't get hurt getting tackled. I love this video. 
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    The videos
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  • on Twitter I saw it. I'm English and baseball is mystery to me but fuck . that shit was great. I would so do that
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    He made SportsCenter!
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    I got to see it from 1st base side and it was glorious!!!!!  Also those ESPN bloopers after were great too!
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    Awesome video! Caught it right on time. I was on the field and heard the commotion. When I turned to see what’s going on there were like 3 security guards on too of a guy on the ground lol
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