*** London, UK Fanviews Here 6/18/18 ***

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Pearl Jam
O2 Arena
London, UK
Show One
June 18, 2018
Set List

Band Onstage: 8:26
Band Offstage: 10:53
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

01. Of The Girl
02. Low Light
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Animal
(greets audience)
05. Brain Of J

(After twenty plus years being together we are getting more honest with each other.  Not very presidential of us.  Ed goes on to explain that he saw a voice doctor today.  “He was checking me and I said I would give him £10,000 to give me a voice like Adele.”  Doc replied “That is a million dollar voice but for 59 quid I can make you sound like Liam Gallagher.  The audience is a bit shocked and laughs.  Ed says look, I am joking.  I know Liam and he is a tough guy from a tough town and he can take it.  Besides it would take £100,000 to get me to look like him.”  “Anyway the sad songs will sound sadder and the angry songs will sound angrier tonight.  But who needs a singer when you’ve got Matt Cameron behind you?  And Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, ( ? and Jeff)
06. Even Flow
07. Wishlist  (Wish I was as fortunate as JP-referring to Jimmy Page who is sitting on the monitor riser watching the show)
08.  Deep
(Ed talks about coming to UK for the first time when mixing Ten.  It was source of all the music they liked and so much culture.  He name checks The Who, Led Zeppelin and The Jam.  He also says it is the first time his younger brother Mike has been to the UK or Europe.  The next song is about maybe taking too many drugs.  The line about the dragon was inspired by a trip Mike had where a dragon came out of the sky and he punched it.)
09.  Severed Hand
(During extended intro to LBC Ed says “I would like to send this one to the guy who is in White House back in the United States.  I would like him to hear it but he doesn’t listen to music or read books.  Could someone tweet it to him or something.  To Mom’s and Dad’s and children being separated at the borders.  That isn’t the country I remember.”  Ed asks Mike to get aggressive and then yells “fuck you, fuck you”)
10. Love Boat Captain
11. Can’t Deny Me
12. Do The Evolution
13. Down
(When you think about the border and think about the states and they make it seem normal I hope they remember that next time it could be them…Fuck, I am still thinking about that.  This is a love song from a mother to her child(?) )
14. Daughter / WMA ( Says “police man..border man..” asks audience for help.  Sings “border man stopped my brother today.  tag lasts about 1:40)

(To intro the next song Ed introduces Matt “the mighty” Cameron. He then spots a shirt in the crowd and asks the camera man to show it on the screen. “I got the name wrong.  It is actually ‘Matt fuckin’ Cameron’. “I know your mom Matt and she is really hard core.  So thanks Matt for all of your contributions to music, whether it is the band, Soundgarden or NudeDragons or whatever.  And he wrote this next song”. )
15. You Are
 (It was pointed out to me that we have never played this song on this continent or anywhere near it.  So this is for Paul who mentioned it.)
16. Parting Ways
17. Porch (Ed goes into the crowd. At end of song he pours wine into a Trump mask.  At the very end of Porch Mike plays the opening riff of “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” -(Page & Plant) Led Zeppelin. Lasts about 3 seconds. Adapted from Blind Willie Mctell song)

Encore Break
(Ed thanks the audience for their energy and their singing.  Ed is amazed at the amount of grape flavored cough syrup (wine) he is drinking.  He points out some people from a self made charity called “Given To Live”.  They go out and find people who need some help and the bring them to shows and other things. Because they walked 116 miles to get to the show he dedicates the next song to them.  It is about traveling)
18. Off He Goes
(Ed’s brother Mike comes up on stage.  “Sometimes it is your younger brother and friends that teach you everything you know.  And you have to include older musicians.”  He then says the next song is a true story but isn’t sad because it is on ukulele)
19. Sleeping By Myself
20. Footsteps
(“Okay, this is teachers, parents and priests…teachers and parents and priests oh my”)
21. Mind Your Manners
22. Why Go
23. Better Man
(Ed thanks the audience especially the people way up top. He asks if anybody from Tunisia is here and are they happy? (World Cup references)  He points out all the flags.)
24. Last Kiss-(Cochran) (performed to the audience behind the stage)
25. Black / You’re The Best Thing About Me-(Clayton, Evans, Mullen, Hewson) U2. Tag is 1:40, five seconds of riff for “Over The Hills And Far Away”-(Page & Plant) Led Zeppelin.
26. Alive
27. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young)  (Mike ends with 30 seconds of Dazed and Confused)

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Thank you!

Thank you, John for the set list & notes.

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  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,131
    edited June 2018
    Congrats Paul!! Parting ways!!!! Wow - congrats to all those that were lucky enough to be there!
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  • TristeluneTristelune Posts: 302
    Flu game, parting ways, WMA tag, off the girl, considering Ed's issues with his voice never thought it could be that awesome. Outsanding effort and wow, this crowd was made of singers!
  • nalyd61nalyd61 BostonPosts: 571
    Great Show. Jimmy Page was on stone side for most of the show. 
    Hope eddie voice holds.  Best of the 4 shows for me. So far
  • LukinFanLukinFan Florida Posts: 27,873
    Anyone know what J Dog is that is written on the setlist posted (but played Last Kiss)?

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  • Electro_UKElectro_UK Posts: 112
    Special shout out to in the middle of 'You Are' when, for half a second, the message 'PEARL JAM EVACUATION ANNOUNCEMENT' flashed on the screen and the entire audience was like 'WTF'.
    "Hey Eddie, great show-- fuck you!"
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    Ed - London 31/7/12, Amsterdam 27/5/17 + 30/5/17, London 6/6/17 + 7/6/17
  • Eddie was in the middle of introducing a song near the end but Stone interrupted him and felt like they decided to play something else (can't remember what song).

    Could J Dog be Jimmy Page?
  • 100 Pacer100 Pacer Toronto, ONPosts: 6,639
    LukinFan said:
    Anyone know what J Dog is that is written on the setlist posted (but played Last Kiss)?
    To quote the 10C from Newsletter #8: "Please understand we have a lot of members and it is very hard to please everybody. If you are one of those unhappy people...please call 1-900-IDN-TCAR."

    "Me knowing the truth, I can not concur."

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  • cyrielbuyssecyrielbuysse Posts: 187
    Wonderful setlist! They were on fire. Funny moments with the Gallagher joke. You are and parting ways were beautiful, actually all songs were played greatly. Nice solo on black by Mike. Eddies voice was a bit off in the end. Was my first English pj show, a+++ crowd!!
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  • GludfssrGludfssr Posts: 51
    If it had been Black Dog I would have passed out. 
    Last time I was at the O2 was to see the Zeppelin reunion show in 2007. 
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,150
    Congrats paul.  Fir parting ways. Hope I get it too.thanks Sea
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  • TigaSefiTigaSefi Posts: 271
    That was a truly awesome show!! Can't wait for tomorrow night.
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  • Anam.Anam. Posts: 14
    First ever PJ gig tonight. Wow.
  • RunIntoTheRainRunIntoTheRain TexasPosts: 794
    Anam. said:
    First ever PJ gig tonight. Wow.
    Excellent. And so it begins. You will never be the same.
  • southernmanfansouthernmanfan Johannesburg, South AfricaPosts: 896
    Congrats Paul on getting Parting Ways and Tom for Given to live. Well done guys! 

    My first PJ concert in 5 years and man was I blown away! Despite the challenges with Ed’s voice, the show was top class. Mike was on fire and Matt...well Matt is a machine. 

    I got LBC my first time hearing this song live. Brilliant. I also loved Off he goes, Footsteps, Betterman and Black. 

    What a show....
  • Easily up there with one of the best I've seen!! Full of fan favourites so can't wait for tomorrow's show to see if they do anything different.Black was amazing!
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  • pablo5pablo5 Posts: 48
    J Dog was Jeremy.

    It was pretty audible when Jeff's bass tech was handing him the 12 string for Jeremy, Eddie told him "Let's do Black."

    Eddie was struggling big time with his voice which made the set list interesting.  Every song was either an easy one to sing or one where the crowd did the singing.

  • opsopcopolisopsopcopolis Posts: 848
    Wow, what a set. Loving watching these come in. Bummed to see You Are as it probably means I won’t get it in a few weeks, but oh well.

    maybe Ed and Matt can pull Jimmy out of retirement for a night...
  • You are was absolutely incredible. Maybe song of the night. Such a great live song and the band just jammed it out really hard
    Sealed vinyl is bad vinyl.
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  • pablo5pablo5 Posts: 48
    Wow, what a set. Loving watching these come in. Bummed to see You Are as it probably means I won’t get it in a few weeks, but oh well.

    maybe Ed and Matt can pull Jimmy out of retirement for a night...

  • Jeff_lal30Jeff_lal30 Posts: 62
    Matt ‘fuckin Cameron 
  • pablo5pablo5 Posts: 48
    Can't seem to do quotes right on my phone.

    Anyway, while Mike did chuck in at least two Zeppelin moments, Jimmy Page wasn't happening.

    I was at Wembley when Page guested with Foo Fighters and I remember how much gear he had and how long it took to set up.

    The complete opposite of your usual PJ guest who just plays Eddie's guitar rig.
  • KP276492KP276492 Birmingham, EnglandPosts: 11
    Loved it when the band turned around and played to the balcony behind them. Wonderful effort by Eddie. I said he sounded better than the last tour, then he goes and tells everyone he is seeing Dr' about his throat! Amazing. Great joke at Liam Gallaghers expense... downer was the lack of decent gig t shirts & a poster shortage. As my trip took 2x longer than it should have, missed the early entry & missed the damn posters! Maybe should be able to pre order them through Ten Club when you buy gig tickets through the club? Pretty please...
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    O2 Arena, London, England June 18, 2018.
  • lastexitlondonlastexitlondon Posts: 6,031
    Matt ‘fuckin Cameron 
    Fuckin awesome. Love . Rob fuckin Flanagan.
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    this song is meant to be called i got shit,itshould be called i got shit tickets-hartford 06 -
  • Air23Air23 RomaPosts: 1,195
    After 3 shows I can say that this has been the worst tour so far
  • VOLAREVOLARE Posts: 308
    edited June 2018
    I would have been struggling not to stare at Page all night and watch him watching the band. One of my all time favorite musicians... so cool.
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  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 3,845
    Air23 said:
    After 3 shows I can say that this has been the worst tour so far
    I agree however that’s coming from someone sitting on their couch so I can’t judge. Plus with eV being pretty sick I guess shorter shows makes sense. I guess it only matters for the people who were there. Were u at any shows? 
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 23,489
    Air23 said:
    After 3 shows I can say that this has been the worst tour so far
    Sorry you feel that way, why do you think that?
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • tbergstbergs Posts: 6,973
    Air23 said:
    After 3 shows I can say that this has been the worst tour so far
    Pretty vague assessment that will obviously make everyone ask why so why not just say? 
    It's a hopeless situation...
  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of ChicagoPosts: 4,301
    Are the days of 30 plus songs over???
  • Human TideHuman Tide Posts: 257
    pablo5 said:

    Eddie was struggling big time with his voice which made the set list interesting.  Every song was either an easy one to sing or one where the crowd did the singing.

    Did you get the sense that his voice troubles were related to an illness?  
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